Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Roundup and Giveaway Winner: February Series Challenge

Greetings from the Dark Side!

Thank you for all the feedback/comments that I receive for my Disney looks, and a huge thank you to all of those who participated in the February Challenge! I had a lot of fun of with this Disney Princess theme :D It was a bit more challenging than usual because these were softer, girlier looks.

                                                                    Week 1: Aurora                                                                   


 Jacquie's Nail Look and Eye Look

                                                                      Week 2: Belle                                                                     


Jennifer's Belle Look
 Photo: My Belle inspired look....I wish it were a bit better in the picture but I did get compliments so that's something, haha. I used Sugarpill Cosmetics Buttercupcake and UD's Naked Basics for the eyes(inspired by her dress and hair color) and Tarte's Lipsurgence in Fiery on my lips(for the rose).


Jacquie's Belle Nail and Eye Look
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                                                                    Week 3: Jasmine                                                                  



                                                                  Giveaway Winner                                                                  
It is always really hard to choose a winner, and I was stuck between two entries. I choose two winnenrs this month because I messed up and missed an entry of one of the members and also because they both did an amazing job.You both win a $20-30 gift certificate of the store of your choice!

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 I will be posting the March Series Challenge today so keep an eye out for that~


  1. I'd love to participate in the March challenge! How do I sign up?

    1. I haven't posted it up yet, but once I do you can read the instructions on there. Basically, you will just have to create a look based on the weekly inspiration and turn it in before the end of the week. So you can enter just by turning in your look to me via email or through any of my social media sites.

  2. Hey, I sent in my belle look WEEKS ago and I emailed you about it after and I never heard back and you didn't post it here. I love your blog an the challenges, but i'm really upset. I did a nail AND makeup look and emailed it before the due date and you never posted it :( please respond to this i have been asking you about it 3 times already.

    1. I am so sorry Jacquie! Your email for the Belle look went into my spam :( I will fix this post and make you a winner because you really deserve it!

  3. thank you Nancy :) I love seeing everyones work every month!!


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