Saturday, March 22, 2014

Star Wars Series: Darth Vader

"You don't know the power of the Dark Side" -Darth Vader

Darth Vader is not just one of favorite Star Wars characters, but he is also one of the most iconic character in the series. He is one of the main antagonists of the Star Wars saga, yet he is also redeemed by his sacrifice in the end. When I thought about creating a Darth Vader look, I have to say I was quite intimidated; I didn't know how I could do any justice to his character. I knew I wanted something dark and smokey, but I wanted to add in red for his lightsaber too. I also wanted to add a bit of light, since he is not entirely a bad character which resulted in me adding some silver glitter. The sparkles over the black base in this look also are very reminiscent of all the space/galaxy scenes throughout the films. I was quite pleased with the outcome, and I hope you all like it as well!

                                                                                      Products Used                                                                              

- Milani ColorPlay white liquid eyeliner
- Lime Crime 'Lotus Noir' eyeshadow
- MAC 'Scene' eyeshadow 
- Inglot Eyeliner Gel #79
- Sugarpill 'Love+' eyeshadow'
- Wet n Wild Glitter Single 'Spiked'
- Revlon Diamond Dust eyeshadow 'Night Sky'
- Prestige Total Intensity black eyeliner
L'oreal Voluminous mascara
- Ardell lashes

Face & Lips & Nails
- NARS Creamy Concealer
- Maybelline Master Hi-Light 'Natural'
- Milani Brilliant Shine Lip Gloss 'Red My Lips'
- Illamasqua Nail Varnish 'Creator'
- Wet n Wild Mega Rocks Nail Polish 'Always in the Pitt'


1. Prime your lids and fill in your brows if you wish to.

2. With a white eyeliner (Milani ColorPlay), make a line on the lash line. This will be where the red eyeliner goes later, so we want to make sure to leave this space empty.

3. With a small brush, apply a black eyeshadow all over the lid. I used the sparkly black cream eyeshadow Color Tattoo (Maybelline 'Stroke of Midnight') as a base and pat a black eyeshadow (Lime Crime 'Lotus Noir') to set it. 

4. With a large fluffy brush (MAC 217) apply a light satin grey (MAC 'Scene) to blend out the black.

5. With the same brush, apply a matte white on the brow bone to blend out the grey.

6. With a red eyeliner (Inglot #79) or eyeshadow (Sugarpill 'Love+'), make a distinct line on the lash line. I used the red eyeshadow first and later added an eyeliner+more eyeshadow so it would last all day.

7. Apply black liner (Prestige Total Intensity) on the waterline and smudge it.

8. Apply mascara and lashes.

9. Deepen the black on the lower lash line.
10. Apply silver glitter (Wet n Wild Glitter Single 'Spiked') on the inner corner.

11. Take a sparkly black eyeshadow (Revlon Diamond Dust 'Night Sky') and apply a bit on the center of the lid.

                                                                                       Finished Look                                                                             

Thank you for reading! May the force be with you~


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you,glad you are enjoying this series :D

  2. Gorgeous! And the addition of the silver glitter is a great touch

  3. El delineado rojo es precioso!!!!!!!!

  4. I had the Imperial March playing in my head the whole time I was reading your post, lol!
    I love love love the mixture of black and red; very goth yet chic. :D

    1. Haha how funny, I was doing the same thing when I was writing up this post! Thank you :D

  5. Me encantó, está hermosa la combinación de colores :D Muy Darth Vader!!!

    1. Gracias! Siempre me ha gustado la combinacion de negro y rojo~

  6. OMG I love this! It's perfect <3 I'm going to steal that trick for color liner :)

  7. LOVE this! I love how much thought you put into this, and the outcome is just perfect.

    1. Thank you so much <3 I am so flattered :)

  8. with your eloquent introduction and gorgeous eye look, it's safe to say you did Darth Vader some justice!! :)

    1. Ah thank you! You are all so sweet :D

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  10. wow i love this! Darth Vader is my favorite character :) But I think I like him more as Anakin. I loved seeing the transition from good to "evil". Such a complex character. That's why i like the newer movies better, because you can watch him transform...but SW fans always hate me for liking the new movies lol

    1. I can see why fans would disagree with you. I don't hate Anakin in fact I really love his character in Star Wars: The Clone Wars (cartoon). I think the problem with Anakin, at least for me, was that the actor didn't do him justice. I think he is a wonderfully complex character (the mixture of "good" and "evil) in the Clone Wars cartoon, but I personally don't think it was very well portrayed in the movies.

  11. Hi! Awesome work! What do you use to prime your lids? Thanks :)


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