Thursday, June 30, 2011

Review + EOTD: ELF Eyelid Primer and UDPP Comparison

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It feels like it has been a while since I did a EOTD or a product review! I have been testing out ELF's $1 eyelid primer for about a month now, and I think it is time to do a review/comparison! ELF products have been a hit or miss for me, so I decided to try the eye primer. Its only $1, and if it works well, I can say bye-bye to my Urban Decay primer.

Price and Availability
ELF: $1! amazingly cheap. I purchased mine at Target, but you can find ELF on get .17 fl ounces.
UDPP: The professional size is $29, the regular is $19 you can find them at Sephora or the Urban Decay website.  The regular $19 tubes of PP contain .37 fl ounces.

Texture and Formula
ELF: This has a very watery formula, so it is super easy to blend into the eyelid. It also means that you need less product to cover the entire lid area since its spreads so easily. It has a very satin-like texture, so its smooth and not thick or cakey at all. I really love how easily I can apply it! This applies clear, but is a little moist afterwards. I like the moistness of it because I feel that my eyeshadow really sticks to the eyelid.

UDPP: This has a thicker texture than the ELF primer. You get a tiny amount on your finger and apply it on the eyelid. Because it is thicker, it is harder to spread it on the eyelid. But it still applies pretty easily and it also has a smooth texture. Although, not as smooth as the ELF primer. This dries clear and dry. I feel that the eyeshadow does not adhere as well to this primer.

I applied my primer and eyeshadow at 9 a.m. And took these pictures at 7 p.m.

I already knew that my UDPP prevents creasing on my eye, but how did the ELF primer hold up?Well amazingly, it prevented creasing! And it did just as well as my UDPP! I think the UDPP is a tiny bit better at preventing creasing, but not much.

Because of the huuuuge gap in the price, I am going to say the ELF Eyelid Primer is a definite winner. I can save a good amount of money by switching over to ELF. What about you guys? You should join the Dark Side and try out this primer!


Left to Right: ELF/ UDPP

blended out a little

Blended out completely


Eye with UDPP


Eye with ELF eyelid primer


What do you guys think?Would you give this a try?


  1. I've actually had a drastic difference. The ELF, to me, doesn't last as long. I have extremely oily eyelids. I've never had an issue with UDPP. Though the ELF works great, just not as great as UDPP in my opinion.

  2. great post! i love the ELF Primer. I use it more than the other primers that I own.

  3. wow!!!!!!!! what savings and it's just as going to get some of the elf whenever i run out of udpp and too faced shadow insurance.


  4. I recently got the ELF to try out as well and only used it 1-2x. It's not bad, I didn't see a noticeable difference compared to UDPP (except the texture). It's a great product and I recommend it to everyone. As for myself, I need to finish up all my UDPP/UDPP Eden, and MAC Paint Pots lol.

  5. I've tried elf already and the product works depending on the weather, since I'm from a tropical country, when its really hot, it creases after 5-6 hours but if it's not too humid it really last long. I want to try the UDPP though :)

  6. Dude, I think once I finish up my UDPP (or the next time I'm at Target), I'm so picking this up and trying it for myself. We must all save where we can! And only for $1? Can't go wrong with that. :D Thank you for this review comparison! I'm loving your EOTD, btw. So pretty!

  7. this is a great post, i love your eyes in this post aswell :)

    shel xx

  8. @TrailerHood Chic Aww thats is too bad! I guess it works differently for everyone.

  9. @Nars Cupcake: Me too. I hardly use my UDPP anymore!

    @socialite dreams: You should! Its only $1 :D

    @JC: Same with me. I need to use my UDPP. I don't think I am buying it again. ELF $1 primer all the way!

    @China Doll: Yeah, weather will affect it. I like in California so its not EXTREMELY hot or humid.

    @tiffyama: You definitely should!

    @Irishenchantment: thank you :D

  10. That ELF one looks like the goods! And cheap, too!

  11. sexy smolder eye!!! love it darlinggg!!!

  12. WOW, thats amazing~~~think of all the money i can save~~~the elf one looks really cheap, and the quality is real good~~~


  13. Thanks for the review~
    I haven't tried either but I will be trying the cheaper alternative first! xo

  14. i saw the ELF primer at target but completely ignored it since i thought it wouldn't work at all HAHA sometimes stuff that's too cheap will make me not wanna try it! I can't believe it worked so well on you. now i gotta go buy it XD

    and i love your eyeshadow!! so beautiful hun! <3

  15. hun if you can get the etude house eye shadow primer try it. i think it's at par if not better than UDPP except the packaging is ughhhhh... =o= LOL!

  16. I love the ELF eyelid primer too! They are great at prevent creasing at an amazing price!


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