Wednesday, June 8, 2011

How I Use Olive Oil

The use of Olive Oil for beauty purposes has been a controversy in the beauty community. Many people swear by it, and others are skeptical of the benefits it gives. I have used Olive Oil on and off for 4 years, and here is a little of my experience with Olive Oil and how I use it.

My Background With Olive Oil

I started using Olive Oil on my skin about 4 years ago, when my mom told me it was really good for dry skin. I have suffered from mild eczema most of my life, and if you have eczema, you know it can be annoying and sometimes painful. At first I only applied OO on the places I had eczema, which were on my arms. This helped a lot with my eczema, since it moisturized it and helped to smooth out the roughness of the dry patches.

How I Use Olive Oil
Because eczema leaves patches of dry, flaky skin, it is very important to get rid of those dead skin cells. Even if you don't have eczema you should still be exfoliating your body. I heard about people using sugar as a natural exfoliant, and I also heard of people using sugar and OO to create a moisturizing body scrub. So I started to use sugar and OO. Because the skin on my body is so dry, after I get out of the shower, I apply a bit more olive oil on my body. And that i show I have been using it.

I use about 1:4 sugar to oil ratio mixed in a small container. I use the scrub in the shower. [This is amazing to use before shaving. I don't even use shaving creams any more]. Then when I get out of the shower, I use a couple of drops of olive oil on my entire body, focusing on my arms and shoulders.

*I have not tried using OO on my face. I am still hesistant to use it as a cleansing oil. Many people have had great results, but other have broken out.
The Good Stuff
~Leaves your skin radiant, smooth, moisturized, and just amazing.
~All natural
~Way cheaper than most body creams/lotions
~Multi tasker! You can use it for your hair, cuticles, feet, and your salads :D
The Bad Stuff
~The first time I used it on my entire body, it made me a little itchy. But it only happened once.
~The first time you use it in the shower, you might find it odd; it feels weird having oil on your body while you are showering.
~Some people won't like the smell
[I don't think it smells like anything, but some people say that it has a strong smell]

Overall Thoughts
Using Olive Oil has made my skin a lot smoother, and more moisturized. After you use olive oil, you will notice your skin has a Greek goddess glow. I recently started using it every day and wow, I am amazed. It is amazing to use in the summer when you will show off your skin more. But don't forget, always apply sunscreen~~


  1. Olive oil is great for removing eye makeup =] at least that's what I've used it for when I ran out of makeup remover.

  2. Thanks for the tips! I think when using oil to cleanse skin, you need to use a cleansing foam or a cream cleanser to rid of the oil in your face. That way you won't get breakout from having too much oil on your face. Oil is great for removing makeup! I used jojoba oil before!

  3. This is very interesting and good to know.

  4. this is a very informative post! thank you! :D

  5. Wow! I gotta let my friend who has eczema know about this! Great post hun.


  6. Yami-thanks for the great info!


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