Friday, June 3, 2011

May Makeup Favorites + Disappointments

This month has gone by so quickly. I also got tons of new products this month so it was hard for me to choose my monthly favorites. But regardless, here are my favorites for the month of May~


1. Lioele Triple the Solution BB cream
~I know I have been including this in all my makeup favorites, but this month I actually finished my first tube! I can honestly say that this has become my HG foundation/BB cream! I love it! I am pretty much down to the very last drops of my tube, but thankfully I have a back up :) I am thinking of doing an updated review for this BB cream, but I don't know yet. Let me know if you would like an updated review.

2. MAC Studio Finish Concealer in NC20
~Firstly, this color only matches my skin in the summer, hence why I am using it currently. I love this concealer because it covers so nicely and it stays put all day. It is a bit thick, but if you use it correctly it will look fantastic. This has been on my face this entire month,and I have not touched my Kat Von D concealer at all.

3. MAC 'Fun and Games' Sheertone Blush (from the HK collection)
~This was one of my first MAC blushes ever. And although I love it, I had not been using it. So this month I decided that I needed to use it! And I have been using it every other day. Not only is it a perfect color for spring/summer, but it is sheer enough that it will give the skin a subtle color and shimmer. It is great for a more natural, peachy cheek.

4. Chanel Soleil Tan De Chanel
~Amazing bronzer! It does not look orange on my skin and it blends so easily. I have been using this a lot this month! But as you can see from the picture below, my brush sheds a little >_<"

5.Dolly Wink liquid liner
~The most precise, the most easy to use, and the cutest eyeliner I have ever encountered! A bit expensive, but definitely worth the money.

7.Revlon Pink Pout Lipstick
~Perfect pink  for my skin tone! It is a pink with some purple undertones that is very wearable for everyday. And its a matte that does not dry out my lips! This is my HG drugstore lipstick. I will always repurchase this. I love it more than many of my MAC lipsticks. High end, does not mean better quality~

8. OPI Mermaid Tears
~My favorite nail polish of the month. A gorgeous minty, sea foam teal. Hard to describe!
Yet another winner from OPI! Click on the link to see my NOTD using this polish.
Quick Swatches:

Some disappointing products for this month are:

1.MAC MSF Natural and Studio Fix Powder Foundation
~I am among the many that breakout anytime these products come into contact with my face. Why??? I have no clue, but yet again these were extremely disappointing this month. I gave them another try and BAAM! Right in the face! Literally!They broke me out horribly.

2.NARS eyeliner 'Kitty'
~Such a shame. This color is so beautiful! It is a vibrant sky blue that looks so amazing! But it smudges like crazy. If an eyeliner could have mental problem and be clinically insane, then this eyeliner would definitely be in a mental institution. Ugh. The worst part is that I wore it when it was not even hot. Imagine this:
Its a warm, sunny day. Your eye makeup is beautifully done, accented by a gorgeous blue eyeliner. And then suddenly....MELTDOWN! Your eyeliner is all over the place! Splashes of blue EVERYWHERE!!!
Yeah... no thanks, I'm good.

I hope that "My Favorites" posts are useful and informative for you guys. I am going to start to write down what products I hated for every month since I feel that I don't do posts on products that I didn't not like.
Thanks for reading :)

P.S. I would appreciate some feedback from you guys.
What kinds of posts would you like to see? And what do you think that I should improve on in my posts?
This would help me out a lot, and in turn it will make my posts more enjoyable for you, my readers. Thanks :)


  1. Is the Mac Studio Concealer cakey? Does it set into fine lines?

    I love your post! You don't need to change:) I would love to see more skincare post!

  2. Looking forward for those skincare post!

  3. Ack, sorry to hear MSF Natural didn't work for you. :( But amazing favorites, I especially love the lipstick. Also, the Chanel bronzer and MAC HK blush look amazing on your skintone!

  4. I can't say I really have any dislikes about what you post, anytime I get to see swatches I'm happy! You post about companies that are controversial (Lime Crime, NYX) and I still really enjoy your posts, so ... I'd say you're doing well ^.^

  5. Great favorites! I'm sorry the MSF Natural and Studio Fix didn't work for you. =(

  6. i keep seeing mermaid tears everywhere. i will surely pick it up when i see it here haha!

    so sad that MSF and studio fix don't work for you doll. :(


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