Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Nail Polish Favorites #7: Nicole by OPI 'You're S-Teal The One'

Damn Target and its awesome makeup section. Every time I got to Target, I always end up buying something. This time, I fell victim to an amazing nail polish by Nicole by OPI.

Price and Availability
$7 at Target

You're S-Teal The One (playing on 'your still the one')
A metallic teal (is way more blue than green) with a purple duo chrome. The closest things I own to this color are:
~OPI 'Catch Me in your Net', but this is too green and does not have a purple duo-chrome
~L'oreal 'Blue Marine', is still too green and has a little bit of a purple duo-chrome, but its not very visible.
~Love and Beauty 'Seafoam', is also too green and not metallic enough, but does have a slight purple duo chrome.

This polish is quite sheer. When I applied the first coat, it was very sheer and I was disappointed by it. But, each coat dries super fast! So the 3 coats that it takes to get this polish opaque still dry extremely fast. Taking this off is not that fun though; it takes a little more effort to remove than your average polish.

 Okay, now excuse my very ugly nails...but I am showing these for the sake of showing you the color!

 In the picture below, you can see the purple duo chrome~
The purple duo chrome is very hard to capture in camera, but it is much more prominent in real life. It is the most prominent purple duo chrome in a blue polish that I have ever seen.  And seriously, in real life this polish is simply gorgeous!~

More nail swatches coming soon ;)


  1. i love anything purple/blue. unfortunately im on a weird kick of mattes which doesnt give me lots of duochrome choices.


  2. i luv the colour~~~so mermaid~~~~~


  3. Love the blue. I would layer this for sure.

  4. Yami this color is uber pretty!


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