Sunday, June 19, 2011

Essie 'Smooth Sailing'Braziliant Collection

Hiiiii <3
Thank you all for coming to my blog! I have been lacking in my nail polish posts, mostly because my nails are still very uneven. I'm still working on that, so for the mean time please endure my ugly nails :D

Price and Availability
$7-$8. I bought this at Rite Aid, but you might it at CVS, Walgreens, or anywhere else that Essie is sold.

Smooth Sailing
A periwinkle blue full of silver shimmer. This color is very unique to me, as I have nothing that is close to it. The base color, the periwinkle blue, is dupable, but the shimmer in this would be hard to duplicate.

In the swatches I have 2 coats on, but I think 3 would be best. It is not a sheer polish, in fact I though it was very pigmented. The problem with wearing 1 or 2 coats is that the shimmer will not be as noticeable. Also, if you want the shimmer to be noticeable, you need to use a really good top coat. So although I like the overall formula of this polish, it is not perfect. If you don't use a good top coat, it will look kind of dull.

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  1. Wow! The color is gorgeous! Now I want that kind of blue nail polish too!

  2. Thats definitely a beautiful color :)
    And thanks for letting me know about the shipping situation! Don't worry about it, I know things like this happen.

  3. Pretty polish but probably will not purchase because I have Coat Azure from spring collection which I think looks similar.

  4. i noticed that you lean towards cool colors with nail polishes but i really like all the nail polishes that you've been posting! :D


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