Monday, June 20, 2011

Nicole by OPI 'Comet-ment'

Yet another winner by Nicole by OPI! I have been very impressed with this line of nail polishes recently, and I think they really stepped up their game. The one I chose this time is a holographic top coat~ Holo polishes are never a let down ^_^

Price and Availability
I believe this was $7 ~_~ I don't even keep track of what I spend...
This is a Target exclusive, so you can online find it at Target, or on eBay and whatnot.

Comet-ment [Work play on 'Commitment']
Is a semi-sheer holographic polish. I don't think this works that well alone; I would use it over top of other nail polishes. That being said though, this is a lot more pigmented than most layering polishes. I only used one coat, and you can see the holo shimmers very well. This dries very quickly and it's not watery or thick. It is extremely easy to use and to apply.

One coat over two coats of Essie's 'Smooth Sailing'


  1. Very pretty combo! Ahhhh sparkles!

  2. ooohhh sparkles! colorful ones at that! very pretty! <3

  3. its a nice combo, it has a matte finish-ish to it~~~lol, i like the fact that it has alot of glitter~~~


  4. your nails are so pretty. I love the combo


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