Sunday, June 5, 2011

EOTD: Bold Smokey Neutrals + An Alternative

Hi dolls ^_~

Since I have doing a lot of looks with very bright of very bold colors, I wanted to do something that was still bold, but neutral. I know most people are more comfortable with wearing neutral smokey eyes than a bright colored smokey eye, so here is my take on a bold,coppery-brown smokey eye.

I should also mention that this look was also my entry for a celebrity inspired challenge on Vonnie's blog, Socialite Dreams. If you haven't checked out her blog, please do so. And if you would like to join the celebrity challenge, you should!

*I had been wearing this look for about 6 hours prior to photographing, so it might be a little worn out. 

Here is the look:

What I Used:
~Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy
~Shiro Cosmetics 'Deku' pigment [coppery, brown with green shimmer]
~Rock & Republic 'Vintage' eyeshadow [mid toned,matte brown]
~Urban Decay 'Stray Dog' eyeshadow [Taupe-brown]
~Urban Decay 'Oil Slick' eyeshadow [Black with silver shimmer]
~KKCenterhk lashes [I cut a part of the lash to make demi lashes]
~CG Lash Blast Fusion Mascara

How I achieved this look:

1. Apply your primer. I applied my Pixie Epoxy onto my lid and blended it out until it was dry.
2.Apply a shimmery bronzy-brown onto the lid, concentrating on the inner 2/3 of the lid. I used 'Deku'.
3.Apply a taupe-brown color on the crease. This will help to smoke out the look. I used 'Stray Dog'.
4.Apply a mid-tone matte brown just below your brown brown and above the color you applied on the crease. This will help to transition your colors and to help blend out the colors. I used R&R 'Vintage' eyeshadow.
5.Apply a black shadow on the outer V to create depth and this will smoke out the look even further. I used 'Oil Slick', and I only applied a small amount of it and made sure to blend it in well.
6. Apply a shadow of your choice onto the lower lash line. I used 'Vintage' on my lower lash line.
7.Apply your lashes, mascara, liners, and whatever else you desire. I did not use any liners, since I wanted all the attention to go to the 'Deku' shadow on my lids.

An Alternative

If you wanted to give this look a pop of color, you can always add a colored shadow on the lower lash line.
Here, I merely applied Urban Decay's 'Flipside' eyeshadow, a bright teal color.
 I did not apply it all the way to the inner corners so that the teal color would not overpower the entire look. This is a good alternative to all neutral eye looks, and you can apply any color you want. Be creative :D

At first I did not like how the teal looked, but now I really like it <3

Tell me what you guys think!

*All Products mentioned were purchased by me, except for the KKCenterhk lashes, which were provided by the company.


  1. Wow, very pretty. I love that you mixed your colour palettes. Following. :)

  2. Oh, this is the kind of eye make up I do the most! Coppery-brown smokey eyes are the best! my favourite at least! :p You did a really great job!! you've got beautiful eyes!

  3. i adore it with the teal addition! gorgeous look regardless....can't wait to show it off tomorrow :D

  4. I really like the alternative look. =)


  5. love the color combination dear. it's smokey eyes w/ a pop of color! =)

  6. Gorgeous, gorgeous, GORGEOUS!!
    so pretty babe :)
    I hope you are well btw :D

  7. yeeeeeeeessss honey!!!! beautiful beautiful beautiful!!! love the pop of color on the alternative look :)))

  8. Simply beautiful!!! The copper is lovely and that teal makes the entire look pop!!

    U Go Girl,

  9. Cool! :)
    ciao ciao from Rome

  10. I love this look, the colours you have are beautiful, you can’t go wrong with a brown smoky eye, but the pop of colour adds something extra. stunning.


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