Saturday, June 25, 2011

China Glaze 'Flying Dragon'

Ah beautiful purple color ♥
Purple always makes me happy, and when I wear this on my nails, I am even happier!

Flying Dragon
A medium toned purple with slight pink undertones and really cool blue and red/pink glitter.


China Glaze could have made this an amazing polish. But, noooo, they screwed it up. In the bottle it looks simply amaziiiing! Then, when you put the first coat on your nails, you will be very disappointed. The first coat is really sheer and kind of gross looking. That is because this is a matte polish. 3 coats will deliver the best results. The glitter is really amazing, but the matte finish really minimizes the effect of the glitters. That is why, I prefer to add two coats of a top coat. The top coat will make the polish shiny, and it will also make the glitter more prominent. This polish would have been so much better if it was not matte.


Overall, I love this color. I just wished that it wasn't matte.

What do you guys think?


  1. i luv this purple on you~~~i like t he hint of glitter, but nth tooo dramatic~~~but i agree with matte finish on glittery nail polish it just doesnt look good~~~i have china glaze in Blue sparrow, its a matte glittery blue finish, and i hate it cuz it just looks nasty without a shiny top coat


  2. lol i dont like her either, i dont hate her, she is a bit young for my, but i think the music video is pretty kool, and the song isnt half and her different costume change is kinda cute~~~Lol~~~


  3. oh i love this color! such a vibrant purple!

    btw, i went to the same school as u hehehe ^_^ yayyy!

  4. Oh~~ So pretty! I like purple too :)

  5. the color is so pretty!!!!!! XD

  6. The colors are great but I don't think I would look great on that color:(

  7. what it's matte? hmmm... it just looks pretty to me! <3


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