Sunday, November 20, 2011

Huge Haul + First Impressions: Skyward Sword, Illamaqua, Lime Crime, RBL, and more

As you guys may know, I am recently started a makeup ban. But before I started my ban, I bought a few things and was gifted some things as well. Oddly enough, they all arrived here on Friday! I was bombarded with packages, which was really awesome! It felt like Christmas :)
Just warning you, it is a pretty big haul~

1. The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

Finally! No more waiting. I woke up early and got my ass to my nearest Game Stop to pick up my pre-order for Skywards Sword. I bought the Collectors Edition which includes the game, a limited edition Zelda Wiimote, and the 25th Anniversary Special Orchestra CD. I am loving it, but I know most of you don't cre for video games, so I will leave it at that.

2. Julep October Maven 

This is super late. I received the October box for free because I was one of the people who signed up for the Julep Maven the month that they started it. Unfortunately, the package got lost, and they resent it to me, but I barely received it. I skipped the November and December boxes because I didn't like the products that were included. I don't mind that it came late since I got this for free anyways. There is an anti-aging hand cream, a bright blue polish, and a metallic silver polish. The polishes look pretty, and I will swatch them soon enough.

3.Lime Crime Lipsticks

Again? Yes, again. I know a lot of people don't like Lime Crime, but I personally love their lipsticks. Their eyeshadows are fine, but the lipsticks are what keeps me coming back for more. I purchased 4 colors: Coquette (nude), Mint to Be (mint green), No She Didn't (cotton candy blue), and Styletto (black). Three of the four are very bold colors. I wanted to experiment with different lip colors, and these seemed the best option for me. I know there are other brands that offer colors like these, but they are not accessible to me. Lime Crime was my best option. So far, I am in love! I have only tried Coquette and Styletto, and they are both creamy and opaque. I will review these separately and have lip swatches as well~

4. Illamasqua (from ASOS)
 I have been lemming three Illamasqua products for a while. I wanted to purchase them during the Sephora F&F sale, but either they were not in stock or Sephora did not carry them. I would order from, but the shipping charges are ridiculous! I think it is about 9 pounds ($14) to ship to CA! I happened to discover that ASOS carries Illamasqua products, and they had the three products I wanted. I wanted the Moral Blush, and two Cream Pigments in 'Depravity' and 'Androgen.' Lucky for me that the Moral blush was $23, which is slightly cheaper than retail price.

 I just realized I forgot to swatch Moral Blush...but no worries, I will do a separate post on my Illamasqua blushes.

Androgen and Depravity

5.Motel The Trinity Dress from Karmaloop (Gift)

This is a very cute black and red lace dress. The material is lightweight and semi-sheer. It is very sexy and sultry, and not for the faint of heart. It still has a cuteness to it though, since it is flowy and flirty. I really love it. I thought it was a little expensive, but you can tell when you wear it that it is of high quality. You can find the dress HERE.
Do you guys want a full OOTD with this dress?

6.Rescue Beauty Lounge 'Anne' and 'Chinoise' (Gift)
Anne comes in an LE red box.
Anne is a polish that I regretted not buying when it came out in the Tudor collection. It was re-released with the BiB2, which is available on November 21st. My dad bought this for me during the pre-sale, so I got them earlier.  Chinoise is a color I have wanted since I first heard of RBL. I have heard amazing things about it. I already tried it on, and I can see why people love it so much. Although the color is a little see through, it isn't sheer (I don't think that makes sense, but trust me, its true!). It is so easy to apply and the color...oh the color! It is a beautiful lacquered red. It is both eye-catching and sophisticated.
I will also have swatches of these soon.

7.Butter London 'Black Knight' and 'A Tart with a Heart' (Gift)

 I have yet to try them, so I can't say much about them yet. They look pretty though :)

Oh my, that was a lot. I am glad I got this stuff now, since it will encourage me not to buy any more makeup/nail polish. I have plenty to keep me happy! I will be doing swatches/review of these within the next two weeks or so. Request what you would like to see next :D
Thanks for reading~ ♥


  1. Looks like Christmas came early for you, Nancy! :P

  2. Awesome haul Nancy! I recently ordered my first Julep box, I'd love to know what you think of them. And oohh the Illamasqua blushes look so pretty! The Butter np's are definitely tempting me too, esp Dark knight.

    So many lemmings gahh!

  3. I love your haul! And the Zelda Wiimote is awesome. :D The dress is gorgeous too, it's definitely something i would pick, haha! Can't wait for your swatches of the items. ^^

  4. Ohmygod I love everything that you got. The Wiimote is so blingy. ;D I don't even know which products are my favourite of the ones you received, I can't wait to see all the ways you'll use them.

  5. can't wait to see those lime crime lipsticks on you!

  6. your dress is so pretty! love that, as well as I always love seeing what you buy. your makeup is much more bold than what i go for, it inspires me to branch out! i'm going to do a makeup ban soon too i think

  7. Wow those lipsticks look fucked up! And those Butter London nailo polishes - gorgeous!

    My boyfriend got me the Collector's Edition of Skyward Sword too and I just stopped playing it LOL! I'm in the forest temple or something, just found the three cute little things that make super cute noises ahah! Why did that game had to come out near midterms? AAAAAAAARGH!!!!

  8. What a great haul! That nude lipstick look fantastic! You look cute on that black dress!

  9. great haul!! yesss OOTD w the dress plz, i love the lace detailing!wow those lime crime lipsticks look insane!

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  11. That dress is absolutely gorgeous! It looks incredible on you, I definitely want to see an OOTD/N post with that featured!! Love the Illamasqua Androgen pigment and those Butter nail polishes.

    Hannah xox

  12. Wow, super-enviable figure! Awesome haul, I can't wait to see the nail polishes!

  13. I'd love to try lime crime lipsticks ! Theu have such gorgeous colours ! I really want to try Chinchilla and D'lilac (I think its called).
    Illamasqua cream shadows are amazing ! Well I only own one (a really bright turquoize blue) but it's so pretty and easy to work with !
    The dress look amazing on you =) I'd love to see more pics ! and the colours of cream shadows you chose look great too !

    nice haul =)

    xxx Vee

  14. Incredible haul!! We got Zelda too but have to stash it as it is a Christmas present (argh!). We presaled the limited edition Zelda 3DS today as well (it will be our 2nd 3DS, but ZELDA!!!) I really hope the orchestra has a tour, I would LOVE to dress up all pretty and experience that.

    You are gonna love those Butter londons!!

  15. Awesome haul! I bought a few blushes too before I went on my ban, I'm hoping it'll get me through it haha. Can't wait to see what looks you come up with using the Crime Lime lipsticks, the colours are super fun!

  16. Ooh, those lippies are so unique~!! I bet you can pull off all of them perfectly. ;]


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