Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Rant On Racism

Hello Loves ^_^

I am feeling particularly pissed off today I wanted to just rant and complain to you guys (lol). I had a a stressful day, and I feel that writing about it helps me to vent my anger in some form. Also, this might be a good time for me to tell you a little about my self.

At about midday, I have my Japanese Literature class. I was in class waiting for the professor to show up. Now, that class is taught in English, so there is a good amount of students with different ethnicities, yet I am still the only one in the class who is of Hispanic descent. There was two girls behind me, one was Caucasian and the other was a Chinese exchange student. And I don't know what started the conversation, but the Chinese girl started saying incredibly racist things. She started to say the most horrible things about Hispanics, more specifically Mexicans. I am Mexican, and I have never been insulted by stereotypes about Mexicans,and in fact I find a lot of the stereotypes funny. But this girl...oh she pissed me off. She was saying things like "no wonder Mexicans only work in fields, because they were so stupid and good for nothing." I was pretty stunned to say the least.

I have never encountered an Asian person who was racist against Mexicans. I know quite a few Chinese people, and they are all extremely nice and kind. And heck, a couple of them speak Spanish. I didn't mean to overhear her conversation, but she was talking so loud that I am sure every one could hear. After a while of her nonsense, I turned around, and very seriously told her "Hmm..I wonder. If Mexicans are so stupid, and if they are only good at manual labor, then what the hell am I doing in a University?? I must be one crazy Mexican." She just stared at me, and she didn't say anything. I just turned back around, and that was that.

I think the part that pissed me off the most was knowing that she was an exchange student, who most likely knows the hardships of coming to a different country and trying to learn the language and fit into the society. I didn't experience these hardships too much because I was born in the US, but I didn't learn to speak English until I was in 3rd grade.  I remember being in 2nd grade and I couldn't really speak to any of my classmates because I still couldn't speak English well. But more than me, my parents know those hardships. My parents were immigrants, and they worked in the field. My mother never had a good education because my grandmother became very ill and my mother had to drop out of school in order to take care of her. But my mother managed to come to this country at the age of 19, work her ass off in the fields,  raise three children, take care of the household, go to adult school, and become a teacher. If you can call that being "good for nothing" then I am dreadfully disappointed in humanity.

And I am not just saying this because it was about Mexicans; judging other races or religions without knowing about them is completely idiotic. I love the fact that there are different cultures and languages because you can learn so many things from them. I feel truly blessed to know two languages and to have two different cultures. I am proud to be Hispanic, and I think everyone should be proud to be who they are. I don't support or encourage racism, and I certainly don't like it when people target me or my race. So yeah...I think that is enough complaining.

On a random note...I was leaving a comment on CottonCandyINK while indulging in some well needed junk food. I swear, everything it out to get me today...Look at this word verification thing:

Calling me a Porker?? How dare you?! LOL xD

Anyways...I feel much better. If you stuck with me, I want to know your thoughts in the issue of racism.


  1. wow I'm sorry your heard that, but the fact is no matter how much progression we have as far as racism goes there will always be an @-hole who is still close minded and just plain out rude! never mind people like that, no need to stress over things we can not change, but i totally understand how you feel.

    and yes the word verifications always seem to spell out funny of weird works... lol always try to say them as if they are really words.. lol


  2. @CottonCandyINK: Yeah thats true. It just makes me angry when people are so open about it. Everyone has the right to have their own opinions, but they should just keep it to themselves.
    Haha yeah me too. I just thought it was funny because I WAS pigging out.

  3. girl.....i'm glad that you turned around and said something to her, the nerve! i am baffled that people are STILL that damn dumb in this day and age

  4. I'm white and had lots of people racist against me. I mean, its everywhere, but its a shame when its so crude and public. I'm sorry you had to deal with so much ignorance today. xoxoxo

  5. @Socialitedreams: Haha it was odd for me to speak out to someone like that, but someone had to.

    @StephanieLouise: Thank you! Yeah, racism knows no bounds. I am also sorry you have had to deal with that as well.

  6. I'm sorry you had to deal with that but unfortunately there are a lot of ignorant people there. We just need educate them and learn how to deal with them appropriately as you did. I'm glad you spoke up ...good for you!

    On a lighter note..lmao@porker..too funny!

  7. @Yolanda: Yup, unfortunately that is the case. Haha, yes educate!

  8. wow, what a dumb bint. enjoy watching her creep awkwardly around you for the rest of the term...

  9. sorry you had to deal with that, I am Mexican as well and it angers me when people say things about other races period, even if it isn't about Mexicans. Judging is wrong, and I don't understand how people could be so cruel and judgmental towards anyone else. However people who are judgmental were raised wrong, and sadly will never change.

  10. @Suzanne: Haha that will be fun. It's funny because that is exactly what my friend who sits next to me in the class told me.

    @PolaBerry: Thank you, well said! Yeah, usually people who are racist pretty much stay that way. It's hard to change their opinion.

  11. i know how it feels.
    I was able to work in middle east when i was single..
    it's hard racism goes everywhere..
    for me, the mentality of these racist are below average!
    And i must agree, not all of them-~ =)
    it's not because of their race, nationality or religion but the mentality itself.. some have grown too far, to be a smart ass.

    enjoy your day..
    the last part is quite funny.. you know you're not like that! definitely =))
    hugs! muah!

  12. @Diane: That is very true! It is about a person's mentality more than their race. Thank you so much for your input ^_^

  13. I am someone who makes a living off of knowledge about China, and I want to say that I'm sorry that this happened to you. I lived in China for three years. China is a very homogenous country and their narrative on race is very different from the US'. Because of this, I don't think she was out to get you, she was speaking out of ignorance. In general, I think it's difficult to be sensitive to difference between cultures. However, this does not excuse her rude behavior. Good for you for making the right choice and speaking up for yourself.

  14. @Jess: Thanks for your input. I agree, I don't think she was targeting me, but obviously she was being ignorant to as who could have been hearing what she said. It was odd to me, like I said, because I have many Chinese friends who have never cared about the different in race. Racism occurs everywhere, and I was def. not insinuating that Chinese are racist! Lol. But I hope that we can all do our best to reduce racism~

  15. I swear, people have no tact when it comes to such issues. =[ I know we all have our little opinions of certain ethnic groups, which some lie in the lighter form of "stereotypes", but we all know that it's our personal business. Racisim still exists in this world and in our daily lives. It's not something that is to be taken lightly. All ethnic groups have their share of racist incites. It's a tough thing to deal with even now. =/

    I'm glad you told her what you did and put her in her place. She definitely did not have the right to say such racist things! I'd be appalled too. Glad you're doing ok though. ^^

  16. Oh I'm so sorry this happened to you hun. Its a real shame people have opinions like that in this day and age. I live in the UK so there isn't a lot of Mexicans here (I will say the one Mexican I have met was incredibly clever and funny!)

    I guess we've come a long way in recent times and become a lot more accepting, hopefully in a few more years people will be more educated and these sorts of views will phase out.

  17. oh my goodness that mustve been so annoying. racism is just a waste of time and energy, not only is it hurtful and offensive. on a lighter note, thats trivial to know youre mexican. i visited to share that i sent u an award. hope u dont include im mexican in ur seven things :D

  18. It's sad, but in a lot of other countries that don't have a mixed population of cultures, tolerance isn't taught (let alone acceptance or celebration of other cultures). This particular girl was just ignorant. Let's hope she'll learn a thing or two while in the U.S.!

  19. @Tiffyama: Totally! I am not one to get easily offended, not even from stereotypes. But people can only take so much. Thank you for your opinion!

    @Laura: Thank you. Racism may never go away, but it is nice to know that a lot of people are starting to think about and learn that racism is bad.

    @Sarah: That is so true. US does have many mingling races, which can make it easier (sometimes more difficult as well). But yeah, it is just a person spewing out random nonsense. Hopefully we can make a world at least free of public racism.

  20. I'm sorry for you and I really wonder how she got into uni by being such an ignorant cow.
    I think you definitely acted the best way, I would probably have wanted to go slap her T__T I lose my nerves quite easily !
    racism is disgusting !

    xxx Vee

  21. @Vee: Thanks hun :D Bwahaha ignorant cow! I don't get angry easily, and when I do, I am pretty calm. If not, I think I would have had the urge to slap her as well.

  22. Good for you for saying something girl! People cannot get away with saying unfounded comments that are stupid and ignorant. I am mixed asian and english and have had racism from all people, it's quite frankly shit. You did absolutely the right thing by confronting her in a non violent way and turning straight ound. Hopefully she has thought about it. Sending hugs you way. xxxx

  23. Glad you told her and that should shut her up for a while:)

  24. i am mexican too, but i look asian, so i get comments like that pretty often either to me, or said in front of me. it makes me so mad, that people can be so cruel and put down others just to make themselves feel better.

  25. @Fab Fingertips: Thanks dear. Thankfully, I haven't had it so bad, but it still pisses me off when I see it happen to other people. No one should have to go through that.

    @Mimi: Haha, yeah. Hopefully :)

    @mybeadifullife: I get mistaken for being Asian or European a lot. People are usually surprised to know that I am Mexican. It is very cruel. I am sorry you have to go through that!

  26. That girl's ignorance is so unbelievable and appalling. It's so unforunate how an ugly thing like racism still exists in modern times like these. Then again, I am glad beautiful things like unity and harmony exist too. And those two wonderful things will always outweigh racism no matter what.

    Kudos for you for shutting that girl up and putting her in a her place. May that serve as a lesson and wake up call for her.

  27. Preach girl, Preach! There are a lot of ignorant people out there.
    I've had my fair share of people of all different races being prejudice against me because I'm mexican.
    Hell even some Latinos are racist against me because I'm light skinned or because I'm only half so therefore "I'm not a real mexican" never mind the fact that I was raised in a mexican family, speak spanish and lived in Costa Rica for 4 months.

    A lot of people are very narrowminded. Good for u that u said something and not only that but was definitely more classy about it.
    I'm sure you opened her eyes up.

  28. I'm so sorry you had to hear that sh*t from anyone. There are two huge things that I hate about what she said: firstly that it was blatantly, horribly racist, and second that it's down on perfectly hardworking manual laborers who may or may not be Mexican. Chances are, unless she's descended from royalty, someone in her own family worked in a field harvesting crops or farming. Just because it doesn't make crazy glitzy money doesn't mean that it's less valuable to us as a society. In fact, in a lot of ways it might be more valuable. Would SHE be willing to do that kind of work for mediocre compensation? Most of us wouldn't be.

    Wow, though, just WOW at her insulting anyone's intelligence while being so willfully ignorant that there is an entire culture of people she is writing off as 'good for nothing' for absolutely no reason at all.

    Anyway, sorry for the long comment.


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