Saturday, November 12, 2011

EOTD: Under the Sea

With this post, I will be done with all my Fyrinnae Halloween 2011 looks! Woot! I have enjoyed using all the colors so much!! And I will be using them more in future looks as well. But these posts were specifically designed to showcase all the shades so you can see how they look like in action. The last shade I will be using is 'Wake Not the Dead', which is a glittery purple. Go to my review for this collection if you haven't seen that yet ^_^ I used this shade in conjunction with my YSL Midnight Garden palette, and it ended up looking like some fun aquatic, Little Mermaid inspired look, IMO. This was super nostalgic because The Litther Mermaid was one of my favorite Disney movies when I was young, along with Aladdin and Sleeping Beauty. Anyways, here is my Under the Sea Look~

Products Used
-Illamasqua 'Bedaub' Cream Pigment (as a base for Wake Not the Dead, since it has glitter particles)
-Fyrinnae 'Wake Not the Dead'
-YSL Ombres 5 Lumieres #11 Midnight Garden
-Wet N Wild white pencil eyeliner
-Yanqina mascara

How to Achieve this Look
1.I suggest you use a base if you are going to use 'Wake Not the Dead' since you want something that the glitter in the shadow will stick to. I used Bedaub cream pigment because it wasn't getting enough love. The color didn't show up at all. Apply 'Wake Not the Dead' onto the lid and blend it up to the crease.
2.Apply a dark teal (I used the one from the YSL palette) and apply it on the outer V and above the crease. Blend it into 'Wake Not the Dead'.
3.Use a light lilac (I used the one from the YSL palette) and apply it on the inner part of the crease and above where the teal was applied. This will help to blend the teal and to made the look a little less dark.
4.Next I applied the dark teal on the lower lash liner and the shimmery mint (both from the YSL palette) on the inner corner. Make sure to blend the mint color in with the dark teal on the lower lash line.
5. Apply white liner on the waterline and apply mascara.

 Hope you enjoyed the look! ♥

What do you think of the look? Would you wear this? Any Little Mermaid fans out there?


  1. omg that purple is really pretty on you. I never find good purples. nice work

  2. great job .. your eyes are really pretty

  3. Wake Not Dead is just amazing. That is so gorgeous.

  4. The little mermaid is genious ! I like the makeup look and I'd totally wear it (if I could do it as well as you T__T)

    xxx Vee

  5. Wow I love this look! Wake Not Dead looks gorgeous!

  6. Beautiful. I have quite a few shades for the collection but I still haven't used any of them
    on the eyes. WHich is completely idiotic of me,

  7. Oh thanks!
    I follow your blog ;)

    P.D.: Btw, for saying to a spanish girl that she's beautiful, we use "guapa" not "linda" like in South America :) Hope it helps!

  8. pretty! i love purple <3

    And in case you might be interested, im giving away a BH Cosmetics 88 Color Tropical Matte on my blog :)

  9. i enjoyed your eotd! i always do dear. they're always so creative and pretty! <3

  10. Wow, this is really really gorgeous!

    I love it, going to try find that Wake not the dead color for myself!

    Just found your blog now by chance. Happy I did, following you now. Hope you'll visit mine and follow back if you like :)

    Amelia @ UGLY DUCKLING <3 xxx

    Last day to enter my GIVEAWAY

  11. As always you've blended everything to perfection. Love the look! And the glitters really sparkle!

  12. you do the perfect job at blending the colors! lovely look!

  13. Wake Not the Dead is a stunning color, oh my gosh. And I love the Little Mermaid as well - I though Eric was so cute when I was younger, LOL. :)

  14. Yes, here it's not that common to use "linda", we say "mona" (=cute) or "guapa" (=pretty, beautiful).

    Kisses! xx

  15. Wow this is so lovely! I really like how u blended everything in so perfectly! And that purple is gorgeous!

  16. little mermaid was a fave of mine too :) totally love wake not the dead


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