Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Review: KKCenterhk Lashes ES A855 & A88

 Hello ^_^
I wanted to share with you all some new lashes I received from KKCenterhk.
The two different models are the ES A855, which is a dense natural-looking lash, and the ES A88 which are dense black lashes.

These are very soft lashes, and they look very natural. Be careful when taking them out, because they are very delicate! I actually ripped one because I was not careful :/ I love that they are very lightweight and natural looking though!
Here, I used these lashes. I think these look pretty natural, and they are not dramatic. I could totally wear these during the day when I go to school.

These lashes a bit more dramatic. They are very dark and very densely packed. I like these for dramatic looks, but I would not wear them during the day or with very minimal eye makeup. I do love how they look though :D
These are the lashes I wore when I did my Zelda look (which will be posted soon!)

Definitely love both of these. I was a huge fan of a pair of lashes that came in the ES A500 set which looked very similar to the A88. I love the A88 for dramatic looks, but the A855 come in very handy for a more subtle effect. The A855 is also great for natural or minimal eye looks and can be worn for daytime. The A855 are on the pricey side, but if you love lashes that are light weight, they might be worth checking out.
For more information, check out the KKCenterhk site.

Rating: 9/10

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  1. You look lovely with those lashes on!!

  2. Oooh! I love both of these looks <3 I wish I had time to put on false lashes more often!

  3. @Mimi: Thank you~

    @Sarah:I actually don't use lashes all that often. But when I have time、I do!

  4. those lashes look so natural! I love it.

  5. You know how to wear lashes! They really amp up your look!

  6. oh i love them both, and great makeup look

  7. the lashes is great on you! love your EOTD!!

  8. the dramatic set of eyelashes look great on you! so hot! haha sometimes I put on double the falsies to create that dramatic look, so these ones are perfect

  9. i know this post is about lashes but my god your eye makeup is gorgeous!!

  10. i freaking love the first set!! i have them too and i swear they are the most natural looking lashes i've tried!! loving your makeup as always, especially the second look :))

  11. I love the lashes and the eye makeup! :)
    kkcenterhk are always the best!
    I'll be getting my 2 lashes for review from them too :)

  12. OMG I love the eye look that goes with the 2nd kind of lashes !!! SO pretty !!! I love the mix of colours =) and the lashes are cool too !! I really need to invest in good lashes !

    xxx Vee

  13. the first set looks so natural on you while the 2nd one looks so sexy! :D

  14. Love the lashes. They look so natural on you!! ^^


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