Sunday, November 6, 2011

UNIQSO Circle Lens Review: Cici Eye Grey

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Hello darlings~Hope you are all having a great weekend.

Today I wanted to review a pair of circle lenses called Cici Eye Grey which were sponsored by

Price and Availability

These lenses retain for $25.90 on the UNIQSO website.

These are grey lenses with a heavy black rim around the perimeter of the lens. They look much more black than they do grey, so I would say they are black with an accent of grey.

Comfort and Wear
These are 17.2mm in diameter, which at first scared me a little. I thought they would be very uncomfortable because of the larger diameter. But these were actually extremely comfortable! More so than my Neo Dali Extra Violet, which have a smaller diameter. I wore these on a couple separate occasions for different amount of time. They were pretty comfortable for the most part, and I only had to put eye drops in my eye when I wore them for 4 hours. Keep in mind that I don't wear lenses often so for me, lenses tend to be more uncomfortable than for most people.  If you are used to lenses, these will be very comfy.

Please note that you should take precautions when wearing circle lenses. Make sure you follow the correct instructions on how to wear them and how to maintain them. Don't wear them for extended amounts of time either. It is preferable hat you consult your optometrist before wearing any lenses.

What's Good?
For the amount that these lenses enlarge my eyes, they are very comfortable. They are also not extremely unnatural looking on me since my eyes are already really dark. I personally think these will look better on people with dark colored eyes.
What's Bad?
I was a little disappointed that these were so black. I wanted them to have more grey in them. They were a little soft at first and they moved a lot in my eye, but it was only the first time I wore them and only for about 30 minutes.

Lens without makeup (excuse my dark circles!):

One eye with lens and the other without the lens:

 With makeup:

*I used purple-tones eyeshadows to bring out the grey of the lenses. I also suggest brown eyeshadows for grey eyes.
 Of course you can wear whatever colors you want.

You can also wear false lashes to make your eyes even more dramatic! I used very short, and natural lashes.

If you are looking for dark, almost black lenses with a touch of color that will enlarge your eyes but still be comfortable enough to wear, then these might be something to look into. But if you are looking for something dramatic in color, then these will probably not be something you would like. I personally love the wear and the comfort, but the color doesn't stand out a lot on my eyes.

Rating: 9/10

*This was sent by PR for review. All opinions stated are my own.


  1. I LOVE this. Your lens, eyeshadow... even if your skin and brows look so nice.

  2. Those look beautiful! I have been *thinking* about purchasing some colored lenses! I am still unsure!

  3. great review, they look cool on you. i haven't worn colored lenses since i was like 12! lol LONG time ago

  4. @JC: Thank dear~ Really? My brows were a mess! Haha, I wasn't wearing any makeup so my dark circles are really visible xD

    @LauraJean396: I was hesitant the first time I tried them, but like I said, if you are unsure, you should talk to an optometrist first and maybe give you tips on how to be safe! Safety first :D

  5. You've got a great eyes, I guess even without the lenses on. You have a great eye looks too. :) Great job.


  6. @Myrted: Thank you so much dear! I am so flattered by your kind words!

  7. Aww these lenses are so gorgeous!! I love your makeup :D

  8. woww very pretty lenses suits on you

  9. it looks natural on you dear. :) love your eotd! :D

  10. wow the lenses are really pretty! quite natural, not the freaky anime look lmao. loooove your eotd as usual. gosh u always use the most gorgeous shadows!

  11. Your eyes look fabulous <3 These lenses are beautiful!!!

  12. These lenses look gorgeous with your makeup!
    I'm surprised that despite how large in diameter they are, it doesn't look too alien-like. In fact, they suit you very well!

  13. Lovely eye look with these lenses. I really like that blue. So pretty!

  14. i like them a lot, they look like my max misty grey lens :) super pretty! that makeup look is fab too

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  16. wow! they're gorgeous..:)

  17. gorgeous lens :)


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