Thursday, November 24, 2011

Pinky Paradise Circle Lens Review: Dolly + Red


I wanted to do a quick review on a pair of circle lenses. Red lenses at that :D I am planning on doing my Midna look for The Legend of Zelda soon. Midna has red eyes, and I will be using these lenses for that look. So before I do a makeup look with these lenses, I want to do a review on the lenses themselves.

Price and Availability
$22.90 on Pinky Paradise website.

These are a vibrant red with a black pattern. Great for cosplaying or for those times when you just want to look evil. Not wearable for everyday occasions.

These have a 14.5mm diameter, and they are not alien-looking or too big. When I first put them on, they keep sliding around in my eye, and I had to adjust them several times. After a little while, they finally stayed in place. These are not the most comfortable lenses, but they are definitely not uncomfortable. I would say you could wear them with no problems. I personally would only wear these lenses for cosplaying/doing makeup looks. 

Lens with no makeup:

One lens in one eye and one eye without lens. You can definitely see the dramatic difference! My pupils looks a lot bigger, and my eyes look eviler! Bwahaha!

I definitely love the color, as it seems it is hard to find bright red circle lenses. They are not the most comfy lenses, but they are certainly wearable. These would be great for dressing up/cosplaying. If you are looking for some RED lenses, definitely check these out.

Rating: 9/10 (-.5 comfort, -.5 for how much it moved around in my eye)

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 Midna look using these lenses coming soon :)


  1. cool, you look good with colored eyes

  2. Often people tell me I have a sweet look into my eyes, I should be wearing those when I wanna look evil then, haha =) So cool !
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  3. Such amazingly vibrant red colour. I can't wait to see what colour make up looks you do with these, they look so stunning on you. The sliding thing seems kinda frustrating though! D8

  4. I don't think I've ever seen any looks with red contacts. They look cool! Looking forward to the Midna look!

  5. THAT IS SOOO COOL! i want to get green ones haha (cuz im a sucker for green eyes) it actually looks natural. thats so cool tho :]
    visit soon!

  6. nice. the design is really just simple and natural, but the pop of red makes it look fierce .

    im having a circle lens giveaway on my blog, feel free to check it out :)

  7. Wow lovely <3 They look great on you :)

  8. wow thats crazy! its red!!! lol. def not my style but great with a costume i think :)

  9. it's super red!!! not something i'd wear for everyday but it'll surely look great for pictorials and cosplays as you said. :)

  10. Looks so movie-like! Can't wait to see the make-up looks you'll be doing with these. :]

  11. I need some of these to scare people in the street .... !

    xxx Vee

  12. Cool. I should buy this to scare people too. <3

  13. I want these for helloween because im a big creepypasta fan and i want to as brvr. Its a pikachu from pokemon with red eyes.

  14. il look ti sta molto bene, avrei scelto una camicia più attillata, ma col caldo ti capisco!
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