Saturday, March 10, 2012

Julep 'Elizabeth'

Elizabeth was a part of the February Julep Maven box for the "It Girl" that was inspired by the Oscars,but is also available for individual purchase. Julep Maven is $19.99 (as opposed to $14 per polish) a month and you can sign up HERE.

Elizabeth is the navy/purple color.
Color: Elizabeth is a dark purple toned navy with pink, purple, and blue shimmers. I am enamored with the color because it reminds me of a raven's feathers. It is very dark, but it still has that shift of color.
Formula: This has the most amazing formula out of all the Julep polishes I have tried. It goes absolutely opaque in one coat. It it not thick at all. On the contrary, it is slightly more liquidy than I had expected, especially for such a great opacity. Because it is not thick, it also dries decently fast. It has a semi-glossy finish, and it can stand without a top coat, although I would still recommend you use a top coat.

I have one coat o Elizabeth and my top coat.

I absolutely love the color and the formula of this polish! Although I know I would have hesitated to pay $14 for this. Is it worth $14? Well if compared to more expensive nail polishes like Chanel or NARS, then I do think it is worth it. But that is for you to decide whether you like the color and whether you would be willing to pay that much. I don't have any dupes for this, although I am sure there must be a cheaper alternative. I am glad I was able to try this one out and that I got it in my Julep Maven box ^_^



  1. What a beautiful color! Looks like a darker version of Illamasqua's Baptiste.

    1. Oh! Is it? I will have to check that out :D Thanks!

  2. Did Julep change the February "It Girl" box? I signed up for Julep on a penny deal in February, and this colour wasn't in any of the boxes (at the time).

    Have you removed this yet? I'm curious if you've had any staining from it.

    1. I am honestly not sure. I received it and it says it is the February It girl box. I did remove it and it didn't stain my nails at all. I was surprised since I didn't put a base coat. :D

    2. I think your penny box is an intro box, not the box that other Julep mavens are getting for that particular month. Unless you were referring to your second box, in which case, ignore what I just said.

      That is unbelievable one coat coverage! I've never had a polish that covers so evenly in just one coat.

    3. Oh I think that is true! Thanks for answering the question :D

  3. Amazing color!
    hugs from New York,
    Ask Erena
    P.S. See what is new in my shop:-)

  4. it's a fabulous color! :) so pretty! haha! i'm always attracted to anything that's blue. :P

  5. Hard to believe this is just one coat ! Amazing polish =)

    xxx Vee


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