Sunday, March 25, 2012

Victorian Disco Review: Crystalline Affections 'Tidus x Yuna'

Here is another duo from the Victorian Disco Cosmetics Crystalline Affection collection. If you are a Final Fantasy fan like me, you will highly enjoy these :D

Crystalline Affections Collection 
 A collection inspired by Final Fantasy. Specifically, these are duos that represent some of the characters as a romantic couple. Super cute and unique!

Price and Availability
You can find these at the Victorian Disco Cosmetics Etsy store.
Full Size Duo - $8
Mini Size Duo - $4    
(I bought this on sale for $5)

The duo includes two colors in small jars. The full size jars have the stickers of the collection on the top. I simply love the sticker design!



(one swatch applied with a damp brush on bare skin)

Tidus - sparkly bronze toned gold that still retains a darker brown cast
Yuna - lilac-toned, pale pink with various blue and pink shimmers

     I am not entirely sure what propelled me to buy this particular duo, although I am guessing it's because I like Yuna and because I thought Tidus x Yuna were really cute. I am certainly a huge fan of gold eyeshadows so I definitely love Tidus. In the jar, Tidus looks very different, almost like a pale brown with gold shimmer. But when you apply it, it is actually more metallic and it is definitely more of a bronze gold. It is not visible in the swatch, but  Tidus has this darker brown cast at certain angles, and it starts to look more like it does in the jar. But the light makes it a vibrant metallic color.
     Yuna, on the other hand, is a very light and girly pink. It has some lavender undertones and tons of sparkles. I felt that this color represented her very nicely! Not only is it similar to the pink in her kimono/dress, it also is symbolizing of her kindhearted nature. I actually like Yuna much more than I thought I would. It is a pale pink, but not too pale or too overwhelming. It also has a good amount of purple undertones that it won't be too pink. The color has a brightening effect and the sparkles add an extra bit of glam to the eyes. Very beautiful color, especially for those who don't like bright colors.
     As far as pigmentation is concerned, they are both very buildable. They can be used as a sheer wash of color or as more pigmented and bold colors (like in the swatches). I didn't have any problems with application. Like I said, both colors can be very versatile in wear.
 Overall, I feel that these colors would be best for people who like neutral/understated colors.

Rating: 10/10

Check out a tutorial on the look below HERE

As always, I will have 1 or 2 looks using these colors! 
Which of these two colors do you like best?


  1. Yuna is so beautiful! I love how you've been using pigments! :D I don't know Final Fantasy. I mean I know it but have not seen or played one! I feel so lame haha

  2. Wow these are so pigmented. Lovely!


  3. I loved yuna...The silver gives it an amazing metallic quality!

  4. Darn, kinda wishing I'd ordered this duo, too!

  5. Ooh... Tidus looks so pretty! A color right up my alley. ;)


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