Thursday, March 8, 2012

Top 5: Most Worn Nail Polishes

For all you who love to buy, collect, and use nail polishes, you know that it can be difficult to get a lot of use of ALL your nail polishes. I have quite a collection, although definitely not as many as most people. And although I love varying which nail polishes I use, I have a few that I always go back to. This isn't to say that these five are my FAVORITE nail polishes, not at all. These are simply colors that are easy to wear, no-fuss, and I know they will always look good on my nails. Here is my top 5 more worn nail polishes.

1. OPI Done Out in Deco 
This was my first OPI nail polish and the beginning of my obsession with nail polishes. This is my third bottle.

 From the Shrek collection. I absolutely love this! This is a 1-2 coater, and it always looks amazing on my nails~

Great for more subtle, yet still chic look. I love the purple sheen it has! And you can see from how dirty it is that I use it a lot!

This is a great sought after nail polish, and no wonder! It is a 1 coat holographic purple that is absolutely stunning!

One of my great RBL treasures. This 1 coat dark navy blue with orange shimmer is always a stunner.

What are your most used nail polishes?


  1. gorgeous pics! i am a "new color every week" kind of girl which means i am always adding to my collection.

    thanks for sharing.


  2. great color choices

  3. That essie polish looks so well loved. I try to vary my polishes a lot, but I often am drawn to CG Ruby Pumps and Strawberry Fields, Revlon Silver Dollar and Plum Attraction, and Sinful Colors Mint Apple.

  4. Pretty colours. I've always thought that RBL one was amazing but never got it myself.

  5. Beautiful colors!! Love them!!

  6. Lovely colors, I love all of them! I own only Essie Demure Vixen.

  7. Interesting post! My polish problem has led to half my polishes not even being tried yet! I know i wear fuschia a lot. But i interchange brands and finishes.

    1. I was just lamenting about that to the lady at Sally's last week. I went on a polish spree and want to try them all, but it will take months to get to them all.

  8. Ogre-The-Top Blue looks gorgeous!!

  9. wow never though my nail polish is one of them, i usually wear glaze colored nail polish,


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