Monday, March 12, 2012

China Glaze Capital Colors: 'Harvest Moon'

Ah yes the very anticipated Capital Colors collection is here! I received the colors I ordered not that long ago, even though I had pre-ordered them. Harvest Moon was at the top of my list. It looked stunning! And I am very glad I bought it.

Price: Eh it kind of depends. I've seen these range from $3-$7
Color: Bright Metallic Copper. To me, it seems that it leans to the orange side.
Formula: Goes opaque in two coats, dries fairly quickly. It didn't stain my nails nor was it difficult to remove.

Excuse the dent. I was in a rush :O

I think this is an outstanding color! It is copper, yes, but it is a very bright and very metallic copper! I love the name and the concept of this shade very much. The formula is workable and well, it is a stand out in the collection. I really have nothing to complain about with this one!

Rating: 10/10
I have a couple of other colors to swatch, and I will post them up in due time. 
Will you be picking up any shades from this collection?


  1. I am so excited for this line!! I think it all looks so amazing. In the process of tracking down a decent online retailer, think I might ebay them.

    1. It really is! I would totally get these for you, but I can't even find them near me. Its weird. I know Ulta carries them, but Ulta is so far from me >_<"

  2. Its my favourite from this collection. I wish I could buy this in uk...

  3. Such a pretty colour. I love foil nailpolishes.

  4. Hey :)
    Juz came across your blog..It's really cute..
    The nail color looks gorgeous...Would suit for a party so well :)gr8 review
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    visit my blog and let me know ^_^
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  5. I think I have to get this; I don't have any coppers yet!

  6. This is very pretty! Definitely a shade that can be worn on many, MANY occasions. :)

  7. lovely polish shade

  8. hahah! harvest moon is a game isn't it? i used to play it before. the colour looks so gorgeous! ^-^

  9. this one and riveting are on my to get list!

  10. I litterally just placed my order to get my own Capitol Colors polishes and I'm SOOOO excited !!! I just did a blog post about it aswell =) I ordered Harvest Moon and it look absolutely amazing !! Czn't wait to get them :O !!

    xxx Vee

  11. This was the only one to draw my eye... but I am on a polish ban!

  12. I went to my sally's last week with my list of must-haves from this collection. I got their last bottles of Riveting and Luxe and Lush and their second to last bottle of Harvest Moon. I left the store as a very happy woman. Although, I kind of wish that I had picked up Fast Track too, but it wasn't on my list, so I'll survive without it.

    I was searching for the perfect shimmery copper for over a year and settled for Finger Paints Copper Elements. I am so glad that I don't have to settle anymore.

  13. This looks so pretty! I've been considering buying it, along with Luxe and Lush.

  14. wow love it, i am a huge fan of glaze, and this one looks really awesome specially now that summer is coming


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