Friday, March 2, 2012

February Favorites 2012

It is March! I am pretty happy :D February has been a pain in the arse and I really wanted it to be over. But it was a very month as far as makeup is concerned. I have tried a lot of new products and started using some of my unloved products. Here are the things I used the most this month:

1. Wet n Wild 'Greed' Palette

I have had this for a while, but only now have I started to use it. I am really in love with it! It is a great quality palette and it was so inexpensive (I paid $1.79 since it was on sale). I was able to create two looks that I ended up loving! You can check those out HERE and HERE and swatches and review of the palette HERE.

2. Artistry Mascara
I have been liking this mascara a lot. My mom gave it to me to try out, and I actually really like. I don't think I would purchase it with my own money since it is slightly more expensive and I am usually very cheap when it comes to mascaras.

3. MAC Superslick Liquid Eyeliner in 'Desires & Devices'
I bought this from the Felines collection a while back, but I never even opened it. I am so amazed with this! It is freaking beautiful! Although it can be a little watery for a liquid liner, it still is incredibly pretty. I will have an EOTD with this soon :D

4.Dolly Wink Pencil Liner
I am surprised that I like this. Pencil liners are very frustrating for me. They always smudge and do crazy stuff on my eyes. This one stays put very well though! I am so happy I ended up trying this. It is more expensive than I would like though...I hope it doesn't run out soon!
Artistry mascara, MAC liquid liner, and Dolly Wink pencil liner

5. Illamasqua Moral Blush

♥ LOVE. I have been in love with this blush from the second I swatched it. It is sooo beautiful. It is a buildable purple-magenta color with a gorgeous sheen. It looks super bright, but it really isn't. This is going to perfect for spring/summer! Oddly, it smells good too. The only bad thing I can see about this is that the sheen might be a little too much for people with oily skin, but I wouldn't really know since I have combo skin.

6.NYX Peach Blush

This is a must for all of you pale skin ladies. This pale peachy-pink is PERFECT for spring/summer. It is so flattering on my skin. Not just the color, but the paleness and softness of the color really compliments fair skin. It is really inexpensive too. I have been reaching for this a lot and I see it as my "transition to spring" blush.

7. Lancome Color Fever Gloss in 'Hibis-kiss'

This is a gloss I purchased eh...late last summer I think. I have been using it A LOT! Again, it is a good transition to spring color because it has a hint of coral, but it is sheer enough that it is not overpowering. It is glossy, sparkly, and oh so much fun! Although I like it, it is kind of expensive, so I don't think I would repurchase it.

8. MAC Supreme Sheen Lipstick in 'Asian Flower'
Ah, what more can I say about this beautiful shade of purple/pink? This is seriously my HG purple lippie. It is not too cool-toned and suits my skin tone so amazingly. It brightens up my complexion with a pop of color, but it isn't so bright that it will call too much attention. I am almost finished with my first tube :/ Must buy a backup soon! You can see a review and swatch HERE.

What are your favorites for February?


  1. the illamasqua blush looks AMAZING! Ahhh i need to try them.

  2. lovely favorites

  3. Desires and Devices is gorgeous! When MAC brings that back, I'm getting myself one! I've been so curious about the Sheen Supreme lipsticks, might be time to look for swatches :)

  4. This Moral blush looks absolutely brilliant !!! It's such a superb colour !

    xxx Vee


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