Friday, March 30, 2012

Final Fantasy Series: Yuna

Final Fantasy series? Heck yes! After doing some of the Victorian Disco Tutorials on the Crystalline Affection duos, I got the urge to do inspired looks on the actual Final Fantasy characters. The last duo I reviewed and used was the Tidus x Yuna one, and I really liked Yuna as a character so I decided to do a look based on her first. I've also seen a lot of FF looks on Vijaya's blog that I loved~ So I decided to do some of my own and the first is the Summoner Yuna look.

Inspiration pictures: I used the purple-blue and light pink of her kimono/dress, the yellow, green, and orange of her obi, and the blue of the tassels that hang from her obi.

And this is the very bright Yuna inspired look:

Products Used
-Lime Crime Eyeshadow Helper
-CUICU Diamond Powder Eyeshadow Violet #21
-CUICU Diamond Powder Eyeshadow Orange #07
-Dolly Wink liquid liner
-Wet n Wild white pencil liner
-Maybelline Illegal Length mascara
-KKCenterhk ES A598 Lashes 


1. Start with a primed eye. Since I am working with matte eyeshadows, I am not going to use my Pixie Epoxy. I am using a sample of the Lime Crime Eyeshadow Helper.
Apply a dark, blue toned violet onto the lid. I am using the CUICU Violet, it is a matte blurple, although it comes out more purple on the photos. This represents the blue/purple of her dress.

2. Next, use a fluffy brush to apply a shimmery pink color on the crease, using it to blend the purple color. I used the Victorian Disco eyeshadow Yuna, since it is befitting for this look.

3. On the bottom lash line, apply bright colors. I used a bright green, orange, and sky blue (I also used a yellow but I didn't add that until the very end).

4. Next, apply white eye liner on the water line and extend it out the outer corner of the eye. Apply liquid liner and mascara as well.

5. This is optional but I applied false lashes.

6. And like I said before, I also applied the yellow color from the Lime Crime ChinaDoll palette.

This is a very bright take on Yuna, after all she does wear a lot of colorful accessories. For more natural look check out my Tidus and Yuna look.  Hope you like it :D

 Do you want more Final Fantasy looks?


  1. Very cute, Nancy! You incorporated the colors very well. ;)

  2. fun, colorful, and cute :) Yes, more Final Fantasy looks, please!

  3. so colorful and pretty! love love it nancy! :D you did an amazing job!

  4. These colors look great together. The purple eyeshadow is stunning!

  5. Thankyou for the tutorial, your eye look is amazing. <3


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