Thursday, March 22, 2012

Victorian Disco Tutorial: Wakka and Lulu

As promised, here is a look using the Victorian disco Crystalline Affections duo Wakka x Lulu. This is a more dramatic look, but I will also do a more subtle look.

Products Used

-Maybelline Illegal Length mascara


1. Using a slightly damp brush, apply Wakka on the entire lid, pulling the color outwards into a cateye shape. Make sure to pat the color on first, the drag it slightly to blend. When you drag loose shadows before patting them on, you will be more prone to getting fall out.

2. Next, use a same damp brush to apply Lulu in the crease. You also want to wing this color out. Make sure to pat the color first. Then use a dry blending brush to blend the color.

My winged out eyeshadow is not perfect. Make sure to clean it up, which I did not do!

3. Using the damp brush, apply Lulu on the entire lower lash line winging it out below Wakka.

4. Lastly, apply liner, mascara, and lashes. 

And you are done~ It is actually very simple to do ^_^

 More Photos...

Cheeks: NARS Sin Blush
Lips: MAC Pro Long Wear in 'Goes and Goes'

 I don't know what is wrong with my hair here...I had just take a shower but it dried all weird!

Hope you enjoyed :) Stay tuned for a more wearable look using Wakka!


  1. pretty! i love that copper! x

  2. Adore the winged shadow idea, off to try it out now! I have seen a review of this company in which the shadows were said to be hard to work with- have you found this in your using them? Just interested in seeing what you think :) I have heard the owner of the company is amazing though :D

  3. beautiful. wakka is amazing :)

  4. Hey, Batgirl! Wakka looks amazing... Man I want it! I love the winged shape of this look <3

  5. you are so beautiful Nancy, I love gold / bronze / brown shades on your eyes!! Stunning look as always <3

  6. These colours look amazing together. Thanks for the tutorial, too!


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