Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Hair Styling

Greetings lovely Dark Siders,

I've had many requests to do a hair care and hair styling post. I've recently have been doing less and less to my hair, but apperantly most of you have liked how it looks like that so I will share what little I do to style my hair.

*Please excuse the fact that I am not wearing any makeup in the shots. I took the photos right after taking a shower and I didn't want to put makeup just to take the photos.

1. Shampoo and Conditioner

These are two pretty standard hair care products, but they can make a huge difference in the way your hair looks and styles. Ever since I switched to the Clear shampoos and conditioners, but hair has been healthier than ever. Although the portions of my hair that are colored can get dry, my natural hair is so soft and healthy. I have not had any split ends since I switched shampoos ^_^ I am currently using the Total Care one, but I like all the other Clear shampoos/conditioners I have tried.

2. Combing My Hair
 Right after the shower, I comb my hair with a wide-tooth comb. A wide-tooth comb is less damaging on wet hair.

3. Parting My Hair
 With my comb, I brush all my bangs forward. I don't particularly care for a perfect parting, so I just part my hair with my fingers.

 I brush my bangs to the left side of my head. I always make sure to part my hair the way I want it to be before my hair dries. It makes my bangs stay in place much better.

4. Styling my Hair
I've been really into sporting my hair in my natural hair texture in a side-swept style. I used to straighten my hair at least three times a week, but lately, I have not used my straightner at all.  When my hair is still wet, I slide all the hair from the right side to the left and pin it with a few bobby pins. I find that if I do this before it dries, the hair will stay in place much better. 

 And you can see that even though my hair is still really wet, it already has quite a lot of waves.

5. Extra Products
I really don't use any products on my hair, but I will occasionally. If my hair is feeling very dry or damages, I will use a hydrating oil such as the It's a 10 Miracle Oil.

 And sometimes, if my hair is really flat and weighed down, I will use a curl-styling product like the John Frieda Frizz-Easse Dream Curls-Curl Perfecting Spray. If I use this, I spray it on my hair a gently run my fingers through my hair.

                                                                          Final Result                                                                    
After Step 5, I just let my hair air dry. Once it dries, my hair gains a lot of volume and wave. The result always differs because I have very little control in the way the curls are formed (compared to curling your hair using heat). Below are some examples of my finished hair style using this method. 

This is was done the same except I did not pin my hair to one side.

I am loving this method because it gives me a very effortless, natural style without having to use any heat on my hair. It is so nice to let my hair take a break from the hair straightener, especially since my bleached/colored hair does not do very well with the heat of the straightener!


  1. You are more patient with your hair than me, I really should bother more with styling mine. And invest in a wide tooth comb. You've made me curious about your skincare routine now though with the makeup free photos.

  2. Our hair styling is pretty similar :) I've got that natural wave going on too lol. I actually used to straighten my hair EVERY DAY in highschool haha I was nuts.

    Thanks for the post though I found it helpful. I'm going to try the clear shampoo/conditioner stuff myself.


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