Sunday, February 3, 2013

Project No Buy Update: Week 4

Greetings from the Dark Side!
And welcome to the round up for Week 4 of my No-Buy!
Week 4 (January  28-February 3) has been a tough week! I was temped by so many new products and it has been really hard to keep up my No Buy. I did spend some money this week, but I did not go over my budget. Still, it was extremely difficult to keep to my budget this week. I almost slipped up and bought more than I could afford. If you want extra details, keep reading :)

If you are new to my No-Buy, please check out my past posts:
                                                              Week 4's Purchases                                                                   
For my weekly haul (with swatches and first impressions), go HERE
Money is Makeup Bank before Week 3 =$37.66
1. Victorian Disco Foreveralonecraft collection ($16)
2. Rimmel ScandalEyes Kajal eyeliners ($3.49 x 3)
 Total Money in Makeup Bank after Purchases = $11.19

                                                               Week 4's Rewards                                                                    

1) Weekly goals: 
Goal #1: For week 4, I must create at least one look for my geeky makeup series (Zelda, Diablo 3, WoW, or Game of Thrones).
[COMPLETED!] I managed to make one geeky makeup look, in this case a Game of Thrones look inspired by House Baratheon (HERE) (+$5)
Goal #2:I must organize at least past of my makeup collection, because it is a complete mess at the moment. 
[COMPLETED!] If you saw THIS post, you will know that I organized my lip and face products :) I still need to organize the rest of my makeup.  (+$5)

2) Grades: 
I had two assignments graded this week:
-1st Japanese literature short essay: 8.5/10 B+ (+$10)
-1st English essay: 93% A: (+$20)

3) Reading: 
This week I read: 
-The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins, 374 pages (+$7)
-The Golden Compass by Philip Pullman, 399 pages (+7)

4)Language Learning:
This week I finally remembered to do my kanji practice! I have been learning about Buddhism in Japanese literature, so these kanji/words are related to Buddhism in some way.These are the kanji I learned/studied this week:

絵 : Kanji with meaning of "picture, drawing, painting)
解 : Kanji with meaning of "unravel, explanation, understanding)
絵解き: "etoki", word meaning "picture explaining, explaining something with pictures, or deciphering of pictures, explaining Buddhist principles"
仏 : Kanji with meaning of "Buddha"
教: Kanji with meaning "doctrine; teach"

None (+$0)

 6) Self-Control:
I almost went over my budget, but luckily I stopped myself and actually had some self-control!

TOTAL REWARD MONEY EARNED WEEK 3: $11.19+$5+$5+$20+$10+$7+$7+$5= $70.19 
 Wow! Doing good in school pays very well!

                                                                    Week 5: Weekly Goals                                                        
These two goals are my weekly goals for next week. These two goals must be completed by next Sunday in order for me to earn reward money.
Goal #1: For week 5, I must post at least 5 product reviews, and 2 Valentine's Day makeup posts. 
Goal #2: I loved seeing one portion of my makeup collection neat, so I must organize at least most of my eye products during Week 5.

Well, 4 weeks have passed by quickly! I am hoping to do this for a total of 100 days (so around 14 weeks), and I am already down 28 days!


  1. Your Project No Buy is SO inspirational, I really love the concept of "rewarding" myself for achieving set goals. Passing along a link to your blog to a friend who's trying a No buy of her own :) You're going to be so inspirational for herrr

  2. Hi! I have Giveaway in my blog. Enter if you like it:

  3. I wish I'd had this idea when I was still in school! I think money/makeup would have encouraged me to work tonnes harder xD. Congrats on the grades, and the no-buy progress!

  4. Love these posts! Keep up the good work :D

  5. Good luck Nancy! Keep up the great work ^_^

  6. Congrats on passing your first month of No-Buy ^_^


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