Sunday, February 24, 2013

Swatches: Victorian Disco Cosmetics Foreveralonecraft Collection

Greetings from the Dark Side ^_^

Victorian Disco Cosmetics released a Valentine's Day collection inspired by Minecraft and, being a huge VDC fan, I absolutely had to get it. I included the set in a haul two weeks ago or so, but I just received it the other day and have. The collection includes a blush and three eyeshadows. It was a limited edition collection, but it might still be available (check HERE). The collection is $16.

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I don't play Minecraft but I still think that the inspiration is really cute! 


The three eyeshadows are quite neutral and sparkly! I especially love Wheat because, although you cannot really see it in the picture below, it has the loveliest purple sparkles ever. My absolute favorite thing from the collection is the Ocelots blush. This is my very first blush from VDC and I am really impressed. Not only is the color super lovely, but it applies so smoothly. I haven't used it on my cheeks yet, but I am excited to try it out.


  1. Ocelots looks like a wonderful color.
    Minecraft is fun :D
    Give it a try, they have a free mobile version which I find quite handy when I find myself waiting around for whatever.

  2. pretty..
    love the wheat and gunpowder :D

  3. The blush looks awesome, but a bit scary, haha! XD

  4. I'd love to see a look with the trio + blush!! Like a full-face look <3 If VDC's turnaround was a liiiitle quicker, I'd probably buy more from her, but the collection swatches look great :)

    1. You did it!! Tysm <3 Definitely has me wanting to order the collection, esp since her mini jars are so affordable


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