Sunday, February 10, 2013

Review: Revlon ColorStay Concealer

Greetings from the Dark Side :)

I've been trying out this Revlon concealer since the end of 2012, and I have made up my mind on how I feel about this product. If you want to see my thoughts on the Revlon ColorStay concealer, then keep reading!

                                                                        Product Information                                                       


 ColorStay Concealer in the color #02 Pale




 The consistency of this concealer is a bit thicker than the foundation. It is still quite smooth and easily blendable. It doesn't have a completely matte finish, rather a natural, satin finish.

 For a concealer, this lacks pigmentation. I find that I have to layer this 2-3 times to get it to cover an acne scar, and even one later does not cover up redness completely.

 I apply some of the product onto my fingers and then I use my fingers to apply the concealer. I've also tried applying it with a brush and a sponge.
Wear (comfort):

The product itself is very smooth and feel very lightweight on the skin. It does not feel heavy at all.
Wear (time):

Not very long. I feel that this concealer begins to disappear from my skin within 2-3 hours.
Dupes? Similar products?:

 Well, it is only a concealer. I have not tried anything exactly like this, so I have no dupe for it.


I hate this. Plain and simple. I had really high hopes for this concealer because I love the Revlon ColorStay foundation. But this was such a disappointment. Why? Because as a "concealer" it did pretty much nothing besides cake up. The texture of the concealer is great and it makes you feel like it will be a good concealer. However, once you apply it onto the skin, it doesn't really cover much. I used this concealer on blemishes and acne scars and it was just terrible for that. It does not cover acne scars at all, you would have to apply at least three layers. The same goes for redness. When you apply three layers, it is only expected that the product would cake up and that is exactly what this does. Maybe this would work for undereye concealing, but I haven't tried it like that. I am even more disappointed that even the ColorStay Foundation itself works better at concealing that this which is branded as a "concealer".


Quickly I will show you a swatch of the concealer. The color was perfect for my skin tone and, like I said, the texture is really great. Too bad it doesn't conceal...

As a concealer, this is a total fail. It did not work me for at all. I would recommend looking into another concealer or just going for the ColorStay foundation which for me works as a better concealer than this. 

Would I Repurchase? NO, not unless Revlon reformulated it.

Rating: 5/10


  1. Ah, that's a bummer. I was looking forward to a positive review with all I read about the foundation hmmm... Mind if I ask which is your favorite concealer? I've had horrid breakouts recently and nothing seems to cover the scars :(

    xx, Maria Veronica.

    1. To be honest I have not found a concealer I love, yet. The only concealer I have liked enough to repurchase is the Kat Von D Tattoo concealer. I have not found a drugstore concealer I like so far, but I will keep looking.
      This is a very early opinion since I just purchased it today, but the MAC Pro Longwear concealer is so far really awesome.

  2. I need something good for acne marks and blemishes so this is out. I ALMOST bought this. Thanks for saving me the waste of money!

    1. :) No problem.
      Like I replied to the comment above, I just purchased the MAC Pro Longwear concealer, and it covered my blemishes and acne scars REALLY well. I can't say too much about it yet, but I will definitely use it more and make a review about it :D

  3. What a bummer about the coverage! I love the foundation but I'll steer clear of the concealer...x

  4. What a bummer! I have the Colorstay Whipped foundation and love it, so I probably would have bought this! You're saving me money Nancy! :)

  5. wow the formula looks thin. I know I wouldn't like that either. Thanks for the review :)


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