Sunday, February 10, 2013

Project No Buy Update: Week 5

Greetings from the Dark Side!
And welcome to the round up for Week 5 of my No-Buy!
Week 5 (February 4- February 10) has also been a tough week. I almost went over my budget when I saw the new Flower Cosmetics display at Walmart. Besides what I purchased from Flower Cosmetics, I have not purchased anything else. Still, new temptations come every week and I am trying my best to stick to my budget.
If you are new to my No-Buy, please check out my past posts:
                                                              Week 5's Purchases                                                                   
For my weekly haul (with swatches and first impressions), go HERE.

Money is Makeup Bank before Week 5: $70.19
1.Flower Cosmetics Eyeshadow Quads ($9.98 x3)
2.Flower Cosmetics Cream Eyeshadows ($6.98 x 2)
3.Flower Cosmetics Foundation Stick  ($8.98) 

Total Money in Makeup Bank after Purchases = $17.31

                                                               Week 5's Rewards                                                                    
1) Weekly goals: 
Goal #1: For week 5, I must post at least 5 product reviews, and 2 Valentine's Day makeup posts. 
[COMPLETED!] I managed to post two looks which you can see HERE and HERE. (+5)
Goal #2:I loved seeing one portion of my makeup collection neat, so I must organize at least most of my eye products during Week 5.
[COMPLETED!] I made a huge improvement in my eyeshadow drawer. It looks so much neater! You can see that post HERE.

2) Grades: 
I had one assignment graded this week:
-Japanese Literature writing assignment on Buddhism +10/10 A (+20)

3) Reading: 
This week I read: 
 -Tender Morsels by Margo Langan, 433 pages (+7)

4)Language Learning:
For my Japanese literature class, I learned the kanji for some words I already knew :D 


None (+$0)

 6) Self-Control:
I kept to my budget!

TOTAL REWARD MONEY EARNED WEEK 5: $17.31+5+5+20+7+5= $59.31

                                                                    Week 6: Weekly Goals                                                        
These two goals are my weekly goals for next week. These two goals must be completed by next Sunday in order for me to earn reward money.
Goal #1: I must make at least two book reviews on my literature blog, The Library of Babel.
Goal #2: I must post at least 1 look with indie makeup, 1 look with drugstore makeup, and 1 look using high end makeup.


  1. Go, Nancy, go! You are doing an amazing job with your no buy! It was just a great idea to use your love of makeup to motivate you in your other goals. :)

    1. Thank you :D
      By all means I am still spending bit of money on makeup, but I would have spent a LOT more if I didn't have this system. It does in fact motivate me to do better in school and to read more :D

  2. Keep it up, you're so inspiring ^_^ I may end up doing a no buy, I like "game" of it so much it might end up being fun lol

    1. It is quite fun! Sunday's are exciting because I get to tally everything up~

  3. Nice job Nancy! I've been thinking of doing another no-buy, but I'm not sure. The last one was really hard! :)

  4. Whoop! Kicking ass. And congrats on the 10/10 too :)


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