Friday, March 22, 2013

Fyrinnae Haul: 50's Retro Collection, and other

Greetings from the Dar Side!

A Fyrinnae haul?! Yes! It has been a,most a year since my last Fyrinnae haul but I was recently tempted to make an order with the released of the 50's Retro Collection~ I bought a couple of items and I wanted to share some Fyrinnae sparkly goodness. If you have never tried Fyrinnae eyshadows, you are seriously missing out! Fyrinnae was the first indie brand I ever tried, and I feel in love at first swatch ♥ 

1. 50's Retro Collection
 I picked up four things from the collection: three eyeshadows and one lip lustre. These are all sample sizes by the way. I don't like to get full-sizes because I will never use them up. The sample sizes have a really good amount of product and cost $2.25 each.My favorite of the eyeshadows I got is 'Monster Movie', a gorgeous eerie green color.'It Beautifies' is also gorgeous and it is so reflective and shiny! I love it! '1952' is the first Lip Lustre I have actually really liked. On my lips, it is a very orange-y red. It went on smoothly and amazingly! I am so excited that this one actually worked for me because sadly I have not had good experience with another Lip Lustres I have tried.

'Monster Movie'

'It Beautifies' (free sample)

'Housework Pearls'

'1952' Lip Lustre

2. Misc. Pressed Eyeshadow and Lip Lustre
Since I was going to make an order, I also ordered my very first pressed eyeshadow from Fyrinnae. If you want to try Fyrinnae but hate loose eyeshadows, this might be a great alternative for you. I love how it looks! Although to be honest, I think I prefer the loose shadows because you can get various different sample sizes for much cheaper. 'MeerKat' is absolutely gorgeous though and I don't regret getting it!
I also picked another lip lustre in 'Meloncholy'. I don't know how I feel about this color yet. I am not loving it so far, but maybe I'll like the color better on my lips (it does in fact look better on my lips!).

'MeerKat' Pressed Eyeshadow

'Meloncholy' Lip Lustre'

So that was all the stuff I got. It wasn't a HUGE haul or anything, but it feels great to get sme new Fyrinnae products after so long! It definitely makes me want to bust out some of my older Fyrinnae goodies and play around with them. Maybe I will! ^_^


  1. I am in love with the MeerKat colour! I've never heard of this brand, I'll have to grab a few things and check them out :)

    1. MeerKat is super gorgeous :) Fyrinnae has amazing eyeshadows :D

  2. I love your haul! Meerkat is really nice! :D

  3. Yep, Meerkat is the one that caught my eye too, so pretty :)

  4. That green is breathe taking, I think I'll make my order soon ;)

  5. I'm not too happy with Fyrinnae :/ I didn't get my order for 2 months now and they didn't even reply to my messages, how rude is that :(

  6. I made my first Fyrinnae purchase about a year ago & love their products. I never purchased meerkat but it's been on my wishlist ever since. Unfortunately with international shipping prices increasing so much in recent times it makes it hard to buy such items & make it worth the shipping costs.
    Great haul, I look forward to seeing your looks with these products.

  7. All the eyeshadow colours look so pigmented and gorgeous~ :D

  8. Gorgeous colors! I've always heard great things about them. I neeed to order something!

  9. I am in love with Meerkat. I have the loose shadow and it's amazing :). Both those lip lustres look stunning as well. Must make another order soon!

  10. the last two swatches look so pretty together!


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