Saturday, March 30, 2013

Review: Flower Cosmetics 'Smoke and Mirrors' Eyeshadow Quad


I return with another Flower Cosmetics quad review. My experience with the 'Blue Lagoons' quad was terrible. Will this quad turn out to be better? Spoiler: it is all in the name of the quad.

*Product mentioned was purchased by me.

                                                                        Product Information                                                      

  Eyeshadow Quad in 'Smoke and Mirrors'
  Flower Cosmetics
 $9.98 exclusively at Walmart
 The eyeshadows come in a sleek and cute compact that has magnetic closure. The compact is white and has a flower-esque shape. 
  The quad includes: a satin ashy brown, a satin purple-brown-toned grey, a matte ivory, and a dark brown with golden shimmer. 
  All of the eyeshadows, whether they have shimmer or not, have a matte texture. They are all powdery too. 
 These are not very pigmented. They are not sheer either, but have an "okay" pigmentation.
  Although these do not have as much fallout as the 'Blue Lagoon' palette, they are still hard to work with because they blend out so easily.
Wear (comfort):
 The eyeshadows, although shimmery, have a matte-like texture and they feel like matte shadows on my eye lids. They feel just a tad dry and powdery.
Wear (time):
  I find that the shadows wear off super easily and don't stay in place as well as I'd like them to. They look very murky and dirty on my lids.
Dupes? Similar products?:


After my horrid experience with the 'Blue Lagoons' palette, I hoped that this palette would redeem the Flower Cosmetics eyeshadow line. However, I can't say that it does. This palette is only slightly less horrible that 'Blue Lagoons'. It has less fallout for the most part. But one recurring problem seems to be with the highlight shades. 'Blue Lagoons' has a frosty white that looked like grated cheese when applied to the lids, and 'Smoke and Mirrors' has a matte ivory which is looks nice on the eye but applies like powder! It goes EVERYWHERE. I swear the first time I used it, it felt like my eye had just been attacked with a handful of powdered sugar. It was not pleasant >_<" Plus it can ruin the rest of you look since you have scattered ivory eyeshadow all over your lid. The rest of the colors had no fallout, but they were very frustrating. You apply them and they look nice. But then you look away to get another brush and, when you look back, you realize that 75% of the pigmentation of the eyeshadows is magically gone. It's witchcraft I say! But seriously, these colors fade in a matter or seconds. Literally. I feel that the name 'Smoke and Mirrors' is really the best description for this palette and for the other. These seem like they are pretty and great, but it is all just a cruel illusion!


Here are more deceiving swatches :( Seriously, WTF?  Who ever made these must be a wizard to make them look good at first glace but actually be terrible once you take a hard look at them. I usually find magic to be awesome, but this time I am not amused!

                                                                       Product In Action                                                            

This picture is not as deceiving. I made this look with the intention to make it PIGMENTED. However, you can see that the colors are very murky and look very little like the colors in the quad. The dark brown with gold shimmer is actually on my lid and it looks NOTHING like it. It looks like a semi-matte paper-bag-brown. The only color that looks like what it does in the pan is the ivory shade which is on my brow bone xD

So yeah...I do not like this palette at all. It has too many issues than it should. For $10, we should have a decent eyeshadow palette. We do not want "smoke and mirror" eyeshadows, not do we want any wizardry. We want fully-fuctional palettes that have decent pigmentation and do not fade in less than a minute, especially when used over great primers! I definitely do not recommend this palette.

Rating: 5.5/10


  1. lovely palette. gotta love those colours. <3

  2. pretty, it looks good on you, normaly I dont like this kind of shades but this one did it

  3. I'm so glad I didn't grab any of those palettes. I was really tempted though cause they looked so nice in the packaging. Honestly, the only thing I liked from the brand was the eyeliner. Everything else I tried, I returned.

  4. Let's hope that Foxy Browns Quad will be more pigmented... i'm curious if the creme eyeshadows will also be that bad. 30 dollars for colored powders!

    1. I also have 2 of the creme shadows and I will review them and the Foxy Browns quad in the upcoming days!

  5. gorgeous packaging, unfortunately the results were not as pretty packaging...

  6. So weird! the swatches look so different than your look.. I agree with the wizards, now only to find one to magically conjure more makeup money for me!

  7. Nice shades of color of the palette! <3

  8. i've never heard of this brand before. these swatches looked nice, but i guess sometimes you should just try it, to tell if you like it. although the look you've created still looks good. although i must say i really hate bad pigmentation

  9. I've never searched for makeup on the internet!!!! Beautiful Colors and love that 3 of them are matte in this quad. Keep them coming!!!!!!!


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