Friday, March 29, 2013

Review: Flower Cosmetics 'Blue Lagoons' Eyeshadow Quad

Greetings my beauties!

It has been a while since I first purchased the Flower Cosmetics quads, but I have finally made up my mind on how I feel about this one in 'Blue Lagoons'. Spoiler: it doesn't end well.

*Disclosure: This was purchased by me.

                                                                        Product Information                                                      

  Eyeshadow Quad in 'Blue Lagoons'
  Flower Cosmetics
 $9.98 exclusively at Walmart
 The eyeshadows come in a sleek and cute compact that has magnetic closure. The compact is white and has a flower-esque shape. 
  The quad includes: a frosty white, a teal with silver shimmer, a soft pastel blue with soft shimmer, and a coal black with shimmer. 
  The white is very soft and powdery, but very shimmery. The teal is rougher and has a semi-matte texture/finish. The powdery blue and coal black are slightly powdery and also has a semi-matte texture but is in fact very shimmery. 
 These are not very pigmented. They are not sheer either, but have an "okay" pigmentation.
  These are difficult to work with because they have a lot of fallout. The easiest way to apply them is with a flat brush. Avoid fluffy brushes because it will rain eyeshadow all over your face!!!
Wear (comfort):
 The eyeshadows, although shimmery, have a matte-like texture and they feel like matte shadows on my eye lids. They feel just a tad dry.
Wear (time):
  I find that the shadows wear off easily and don't stay in place as well as I'd like them to. D:<
Dupes? Similar products?:
I hope there is not something too similar to these products...
Although the light blue reminds me of a shimmery, not as pigmented version of Lime Crime's 'Parasol' eyeshadow from the ChinaDoll palette.


 I really wanted to love this palette because the eyeshadows swatched so beautifully. Unfortunately these are those types of eyeshadows that trick you with amazing swatches, but that really apply terribly. I had a really hard time applying these because 1) they can be slightly sheer and 2) they make it rain eyeshadow (*ahem* they have a lot of fallout). Even with a primer, I have to layer the colors to make them really pigmented. The teal, I had to layer that like 7 times! It was ridiculous! And don't even get me started on the frosty white. I HATE that eyeshadow with a passion. It was crumbly and gross. I want it to take its imaginary legs, walk to a cliff, and jump off. Seriously. The shimmery black was alright. I could tolerate it. It is decently pigmented and it worked pretty okay. However, that being said, I think there are so many better black eyeshadows out there. In fact, Wet n Wild has one for $0.99 that is leagues better than this one. And lastly, the powder blue eyeshadow. This was really the only color I actually like from this palette because it is pretty and harder to find a dupe for. It does get fallout, but I am careful by dusting off my brushes and using flat brushes to apply it.


Here are the beautiful, but oh so deceiving, swatches~ T_T

                                                                       Product In Action                                                            

 This was another deceiving photo. From here, the eyeshadows don't look so bad. But let me tell you something: applying all four eyeshadows and making a decent look was a battle. It took me layers of eyeshadow, makeup wipes, and loads of concealer under my eyes. And do you see how the teal on the lid does not even look like the teal in the palette? That is because it does not want to cooperate with me! And before you think "oh, look at that pretty highlighting on the brow bone", stop it. Because when I applied it it looked like I grated some cheese on my eye lid. It was gross. So why did this not photograph as badly? Who knows. ARRG. This quad makes me angry!

I hate this. Period. Well, maybe I hate this besides the light blue because that eyeshadow is actually pretty and of decent quality. The black is okay, but could have been better. Everything else: I hate you. Go jump off the cliff before I go completely mad.

If you cannot tell already, I do not recommend this. For $10, you can find much better palettes in the drugstore. Of course, you might have a totally different experience. However, I will not be touching this with a 50 ft. pole. I think I will be giving it away to some poor unfortunate soul because I am evil.

Rating: 5/10

*Disclosure: This was purchased by me and all opinions are my own.


  1. Ew!! It sounds horrible. Combined with other similarly, ahem, less favorable reviews, I think I'll be staying far away from Flower Cosmetics. May god have mercy on the soul of whoever you give away this quad to.

  2. What a shame! Well, I guess this would be good exclusively for the purpose of taking pictures because DAMN do they look beautiful in the ones you've taken. Your description made me laugh ^_^

  3. These shades look amazing on the swatch! Too bad they don´t perform very well :(

  4. I am disappointed with the whole Flower line honestly. Some gals love it but I have returned everything I've purchased :(

    The packaging is so cute!

    Take Care,
    Mandy Jean

  5. Oh god, that really does swatch so nicely and then looks awful on the lid. Drew Barrymore, WHY?

  6. Wow! the colors are so pigmented! I really like the turquoise green.. perfect for spring time =)

  7. Ah that sucks this palette isn't good quality because the colors are gorgeous! I hate when eyeshadows trick you with great swatches, it's false hoping! :)


  8. thats unfortunate! the swatches do look amazing but i guess i'll be passing on them

  9. I like the fact that you are so honest! it's the funniest review ever! you almost make me think that you must do more 'evil' reviews like this!!!

  10. this is so sad that it turned out this way, because those colors are gorg!

  11. Well at least the review was entertaining (I am evil because I enjoy negative reviews). I HATE when makeup swatches beautifully but is terrible to actually use. It always makes me wonder in the back of my mind if it looks so bad on me because I am clueless at applying makeup? Ugh! And dafaq is going on with the eye look because it looks like entirely different colors from the swatches. Boooo at this quad >:I

  12. So weird, they look amazing on the swatch... This is why I like to read reviews. =)

  13. I thought this palette will be amazing! I am still willing to try it though cause swatches look so good!

  14. For being such awful shadows you can fake it and make them look amazing! Great review though, I'll make sure to save my money for something that has better coverage.

  15. And now, there are more shades in the color of green! <3

  16. Ha ha, grated cheese highlighter. Hilarious review but of course I'm disappointed for you that it sucks.


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