Monday, March 18, 2013

Project No Buy Update: Week 10

Greetings from the Dark Side!
And welcome to the round up for Week 10 of my No-Buy!
Week 10 (March 11- March 17)  has been a tough week, but not because of my No-Buy. Week 10 was also week 10 of my winter quarter in Uni and it was the last week of the term before finals. I had all my term papers to write and finals to study for. I did splurge this week, as you will see in the post!

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                                                                 Week 10's Purchases                                                              

Money is Makeup Bank before Week 10: $113.83

You can see my Sephora Haul HERE.

1. Sephora Jasmine Quad ($30)
2. Sephora Jasmine Palette ($55)
3. Sephora Jasmine Mirror ($20)
4. Hard Candy C.C. Cream ($8)

Total Money in Makeup Bank after Purchases = $0.83

                                                               Week 9's Rewards                                                                    
1) Weekly goals:
Goal #1: I will make a Game of Thrones/Song of Ice and Fire inspired look (House Tyrell).
[Completed!] You can check out the look HERE~ (+5)
Goal #2: I will not play any video games, and instead study for finals and work on my term papers.
[Completed!] I did not play video games all week in order to get my term papers done and to get some study time before my final exams~ (+5)
2) Grades:  
Since this was the last week of class, I finally got most of my grades for the work I did in some of my classes.
-ENL183 Quiz 2: 88% B+  (+10)
-ENL183 Quiz 3: 91% A- (+15) [Yay! I did really well in this class!)
-SPA150N Quiz 1: C+  (+1)
-SPA150N Quiz 2: A (+20)
-SPA150N Quiz 3: B- (+5)

3) Reading: 
Surprisingly, I did not finish reading anything this week! I was really focused on working on my term papers! I did, however, buy two new exciting books!
4)Language Learning:
I really did not have time for this because of my term papers/final exams. It is sad, but priorities are priorities.

None this week.

 TOTAL REWARD MONEY EARNED WEEK 10: $0.83+5+5+10+15+1+20+5=$61.83

                                                                 Week 10: Weekly Goals                                                         
These two goals are my weekly goals for next week. These two goals must be completed by next Sunday in order for me to earn reward money.
Goal #1: I will do two series looks this week (Game of Thrones and Diablo 3 maybe?)
Goal #2: I will focus on finishing my final exams first, and then I will focus on blogging/other things.


  1. Nice job Nancy, you're doing really well! I've been thinking about doing another spending ban lately, but I'm not sure I'm up to it!


  2. Good job staying on budget even with the Sephora haul <3


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