Saturday, March 23, 2013

Review: Pumpkin & Poppy 'Incognito' Cream Blush

Greetings from the Dark Side ^_^

I want to share with you this Breakfast At Tiffany's inspired orange blush from Pumpkin & Poppy in the shade 'Incognito'.  

*FTC Disclosure: This was purchased by me.

                                                                        Product Information                                                      


 Cream Blush in 'Incognito'

 Pumpkin & Poppy

 The blush comes in a black compact. The front of the compact has a collection label (Little Black Dress Collection) and the name of the color. On the back, there is a label of the ingredients.

 A bright red-based orange.

 This is a creamy blush that seems to be very shiny, but it dries to a semi-matte finish.

 This is a semi-sheer blush. It does not apply ORANGE but rather a very natural reddish orange color.

 I prefer to apply this blush with my finger or with a very dense brush for the most natural application. I personally blend it out very well for a super natural finish.
Wear (comfort):

 This does not feel sticky or goopy on my skin. The finish of this (semi-matte) makes it last really amazingly on the skin. It is not as oily as other cream blushes.
Wear (time):

 This lasts on my cheeks pretty much all day. If you have oilier skin you might want to set it with a translucent powder or with a similar colored powder blush.
Dupes? Similar products?:

 The texture reminds me a lot of Illamasqua cream blushes. But this is more matte than those and I think it sets so much better on the skin.


I absolutely love orange blushes and I have tons of them. But this one is by far the most natural-looking orange blush I own. It settles on the skin beautifully and does not budge from my cheeks. It is super easy to apply because of the semi-sheer color and creamy texture. I never have to worry that I will look like I have a patch of orange on my cheeks because it blends in very nicely. If you want a more intense orange color, you can always build up the color. but I find that one layer works the best for me as a natural everyday cheek color. The orange brings color to my face; it is going to be perfect for spring and summer!

I will say that my cheeks are not oily, so I cannot speak for those of you who have very oily skin. I never set this with a powder, but if you have oilier skin you might want to set it just in case. The semi-matte finish might be very forgiving for those of you with oilier skin, though!


On the left is an unblended swatch, while on the right is a slightly blended swatch.

                                                                       Product In Action                                                            

Here I was wearing Hard Candy's C.C. Cream and the Incognito Blush. This is like the best everyday natural combo for me! The C.C. cream offers a nice natural coverage while the Incognito blush gives my face a bit of color without looking over-done. I really love this combo! They both look so natural~


If you can' tell yet, I love this blush. I love the color, the formula, the inspiration, everything. Even better that it is vegan and is cheaper than any MAC or Illamasqua cream blushes. I was a little worried that this was going to be oily because it is very creamy in the pan, but it sets to a great semi-matte finish. I highly recommend this and other P&P cream blushes!

Rating: 10/10


  1. Oh this blends out beautifully :)

  2. The color is great, love those colors in my cheeks :D

  3. That looks gorgeous on you! I should get a cream orange blush because I only have a powder one. And I like that this one is vegan~


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