Thursday, August 29, 2013

Dupe Alert: Revlon Photoready 'Muse' Palette (Evening Opulence Collection)

Greetings from the Dark Side!

I mentioned in THIS tutorial that when I saw the new Revlon Evening Opulence collection, I immediately recongnized the colors from the Photoready eyeshadow palette in 'Muse'. It is identical to the YSL Ombres 5 Lumieres palette #11 Midnight Garden from the the Fall 2011 collection. I wanted to see if this Revlon palette was a close dupe to the YSL one, so I swatched the colors side by side to compare the two!

Just from seeing both palettes side by side, you can see how similar the colors are. There are five eyeshadows in both palettes, two greens and three purples.

The colors I really wanted to compare were the greens. I used the two greens from the Revlon palette in my most recent tutorial, and I had some difficulties with the light minty green. And you can clearly see from the swatches below just how much better the YSL one is. The light green in the Revlon palette is very sheer, gritty, patchy and just plain horrible. I can't emphasize just how bad it is. It is really, really, really bad. It looks alright in the swatch, but when you use it, it is really difficult to keep it in place and to built up the color. 
The dark green, however, isn't too far off from the YSL one; they are really close dupes.The Revlon one is a tiny bit more shimmery and slightly less deep, but when you apply them on the eyes they look identical. Thumbs up for the dark green!

I found that the light lavender shade is a dupe for the YSL one, but the two dark purples in the Revlon one are actually quite different. They are darker and more intense than the YSL versions. Whether this is good or bad is up to your own tastes. I personally like both versions. The YSL ones a bit sheerer, but they have more dimension. The Revlon ones though are really intense are are great for smokey looks~


I was really surprised to see that Revlon made a dupe for the YSL palette! I always give Revlon props for making dupes of high end products! If you missed out on the YSL one, the Revlon one isn't so bad. I would have been super excited about this palette if the light green was better, but because it is so horrible I am a bit hesitant to recommend it. I honestly bought the YSL Midnight Garden palette mostly for that light green mint eyeshadow, so I naturally find this palette to be a let down. But the dark green and the purples are quite nice so you get 4 good eyeshadow dupes. This is about $8 which is a steal compared to the $58 for the YSL palette.

The only notable difference I want to point out is that the Revlon eyeshadows seem to blend out easier (they have a smoother texture), but they also have a bit of fallout (which the YSL eyeshadows do not have).

Would I recommend this?: If you don't care that the light green eyeshadow sucks, then yes I would.


  1. That mint green makes me so sad xD But the colors in the pan look like nearly exact dupes! And even though differences show up in swatch, I feel like you could probably pull off a nearly identical look if you did one eye using one palette and the other eye using the other palette (omg that also isn't a bad idea)

  2. D: They are really close! And as for the light green, i love the light green of Cool as a Cucumber wet n wild trio, so i wouldn't be missing anything :D i've never bought any revlon eyeshadows but this one is screaming "buy me buy me" :c

  3. This would be a no-brainer for me if Revlon was actually cheap in Australia. As it is, I won't be paying $26 for this palette, as lovely as it is.

  4. i feel like you could find those ysl colors in that Wet N Wild spring forward palette too! the light green is a gorgeous shade though

  5. Wow this is a great dupe! So sad the mint green isn't working out in the Revlon palette.

  6. la verdad me gustan mas las de revlon

  7. Oh my... it's almost the same!!

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  8. Wow! Thanks for sharing it really very helpful :)

  9. it's very close! i have to say though, i like the ysl greens better, but the revlon purples better too!

  10. They are very close. I use both YSL and Revlon. Those colors are great.

  11. Isn't the light green supposed to be the primer pan? That's how these palettes are being sold now, anyway (I was eyeing them last night at Walgreens, especially Muse). So I'm guessing that one is meant to be sheer, less color payoff, firm with a bit of "tack" to hold the other colors layered on top. I'd be disappointed if that was my favorite color in the palette, too, but I was more tempted by the deep teal and plummy purples. Appreciate the swatches. I'm still tempted!

  12. Don't buy the revlon!!! It's crap! Used it today and highly disappointed. Waste of $10 imo


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