Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Haul + First Impression: MAC

Hello lovelies ♥

I made a small online order from MAC last week and finally arrived. The only reason I made an order was because I really wanted the Riri Woo lipstick. I've been really into red lipsticks this year and I had to have this. So if you want to see what I got plus some swatches, keep reading :)

1. Riri Woo Lipstick
I am not a huge fan of Rhianna or anything, but I do think she is really pretty and has good taste in lipstick colors. So I was happy to see that MAC still had this lippie in stock. I don't own Ruby Woo (the inspiration for Riri Woo) so I can't say how similar or different they are. I will say that this is quite dry. However, it has an amazing lasting power!

2. Sculpting Powder in 'Sculpt'
I've wanted this powder for soooo long. I don't own any actual contouring powders and this will be really handy for doing really defined sculpting (and it will be super useful for cosplaying!) The consistency is smooth and it is not super pigmented so it will be easy to blend out on the skin.

*Swatches of Riri Woo and Sculpt. Riri Woo is so pretty ^_^

3. Eyeshadow Compact
I own quite a few MAC eyeshadows in pan form, but I don't own any small compacts that I could put them in. I decided to get this 4 eyeshadow compact to have MAC shadows handy when I want to use them. It is so much more convenient than having to take out my large palette every time I want to use 1 or 2 MAC eyeshadows.

You will probably see me using these new products in upcoming looks, so keep and eye out!


  1. Oh, these are lovely products but I love the lipstick shade! Can't wait to see them on you Nancy <3

  2. Nice purchases :) I got a MAC GC on my birthday and if my store has RiRi Woo in stock, that's what I'm buying. I love the packaging and yeah it's dry but if you put some balm on first or afterwards, it doesn't dry your lips out AND as you said, it lasts a looong time.

    I'd love to see you do some mac eyeshadow reviews though! I feel like the people who write em are so biased in favor of mac that they'll excuse the faults or mediocrity of some eyeshadows.

    1. I actually have a kind of old review of MAC eyeshadows I own somewhere on my blog. I used to love MAC shadows way before, but honestly they are really expensive. Plus some of them do really suck. I use some that I really like but I haven't purchased many MAC eyeshadows in a long time. I can do an updated review on my MAC eyeshadows though :D

      I think that Riri Woo is an online exclusive, although I'm not sure. I wore Riri Woo today and actually is was really amazing. I think as long as you moisturize your lips a bit before wearing this lipstick you would be okay :D

    2. Oh shoot, it is. I should have known that lol. I hope to see it in upcoming looks then ^.^

  3. Can't wait to see you using these! That lippie is soooooo red, I love it.

  4. I got rir woo, heax and riri boy. Loving mattes. I have been curious about the sculpting powders also, interested to se how you like them.

  5. I'm liking matte's lately, I got riri woo, riri boy and heax. I've ben curious about the sculpting powder also, interested in your review.

  6. RiRi Woo looks so incredible! Major want.

    And Sculpt! Doesn't look too scary and kinda makes me feel like I totally could do a great job at contouring. Prob not though. lol


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