Saturday, August 10, 2013

Mercenary Katarina (LoL) Cosplay Part 1: Introduction

Greetings from the Dark Side!

Did you guys know that I love cosplaying? I have only cosplayed once (as Hinata from Naruto) but I've never created my own costume. I have always admired cosplayers who could make amazing costumes by hand, but I have been too intimidated to try it for myself. But after wanting to cosplay for so long, I finally decided that I was going to make my own costume!

I wanted to start with something fairly easy just to introduce myself to the art of cosplaying, so I choose one of my favorite characters from League of Legends, Katarina. However, I find that the original Katarina skin is too overdone, so instead I decided to go for the Mercenary Katarina skin. It looks similar, but it is less commonly done. This is one of the official artworks for the character:

However, an image like this does not provide too many details. I am going to base a lot of my props on this artwork, but I need more angles of her outfit. That is why I also used other images, fan work, as well as other cosplay costumes to get a better idea of her outfit. If you want to start your own costume, always look at various photos before starting. You might miss something and have to start all over again. 

Here are the steps I have taken to start off my project:

1. After looking at pictures, break down the costume into different parts:

-Weapons (main two blades, side sword, two blades on her back, and various small knives)
-Green jacket
-Dark green pants
-Two hip betls
-Two chest belts
-Two thigh belts 
-Arm bracers
-Leg Bracers
-Black boots
-Jacket and belt accesories
-Makeup and Body Tattoo

Making a list is really helpful to do this because you can check things off your list and know what materials you need to buy for each part.

2. Buying materials! This is the fun part, well sort of. I advice you to try to thrift things. I went to various thrift stores are found pants and a jacket that are perfect for this cosplay (I will show them in separate posts). I bought all my belts at Walmart and Target. I already own some black boots and some black gloves (yay for less spending)! I bought my wig, the side sword, and the small knives at a costume store called Evangeline's in Sacramento, California. Because I am in a rush to get this costume done (I want to wear this at a local Anime convention in a few weeks!) I'm actually having the two main blades commissioned for me. I tried to make them myself, but I go to school and work so I have really little time to get them done. Instead I will work on the rest of the costume. Maybe I will finish them and use them my two extra swords on the back. For the breastplate and the arm/leg bracers I ordered Worbla. Worbla is a thermoplastic material and it is awesome!! I also bought some other materials like paint, tape, craft foam,and velcro from Michaels. If you already have a lot of craft materials, then you won't have spend too much money.

3. Get started! This is where the real fun begins! Start on your pieces, I already have a few pieces started and I will make a separate posts for my work in progress! So stick around if you want to see my progress~ 

Have you ever cosplayed or created your own costume? And just because I'm curious, does anyone here play League of Legends? I don't anymore, but I still love the characters and the lore!


  1. i loooove cosplay costumes! they are so intricate and well done, i can't believe people make them themselves. i would love to be able to do something like that

  2. I love cosplay too, but I never make one myself. I love your post because this is a cosplay that I really want to do, and I'm having problems about information. And good, I like your opinion: that skin is so better than original!
    Go on!

  3. Can you show where you buy the jacket? I'm having trouble to find one

    1. I bought mine at Goodwill (thrift store. Thrift stores are seriously your best option!

  4. I love cosplay. I haven't done any myself (horrible social phobia) but I used to go to Anime Cons with my sister and take pictures and admire all other people dong it. I did make a Hylian Shield for my nephew about 4-5 years ago when he went as Link for Halloween. It was so much fun but it got so expensive. If I had the money, it would be a really fun hobby. :)


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