Thursday, August 15, 2013

Review: Victorian Disco Cosmetics Interwebz Collection

Greetings from the Dark Side!!

I have some swatches of the VDC Interwebz collection :D I have used all the eyeshadows in FOTDs but I thought it would be helpful to see side by side swatches of all the colors. You can probably tell by the names of the colors, but these are named after internet memes xD They are really fun names!

                                                               Swatches and Eye Looks                                                  


I have absolutely nothing bad to say about this collection. The colors are awesome! They are pigmented, easy to use, and beautiful. I was very wowed by how much prettier the eyeshadows look when you apply them than when you see them in the jar/sample bags. The only colors that I have to be careful with are 'Don't Feed Me' and 'Ay Sexy Lady!!' because they have a tiny bit of fallout. But none of the other shades gave me any problems.

My favorites are: My Feels, NOU, #yolo, Bro, Do You Even Lift?, and NOPENOPENOPE. But I recommend ALL the shades!!

Rating: 10/10
*Products shown were samples sent to me for consideration.


  1. This is so cute, I love the nails haha! The colours are also stunning! xx

  2. Wow, you did fantastic looks with these <3

  3. lovely blog!
    what about following each other?


  4. haha i love these name, and all your eye looks :)

  5. yolo is probably my favorite but i just about died when i swatched lollerskatez... it's like a disco ball

  6. Qué hermosos tonos me encantaron!

  7. I need NopeNopeNope in my life. I love Ay Sexy Lady, it's one of my favourites. I just wish I could wear it every day (I think work might object xD)


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