Thursday, August 22, 2013

Life Update + Upcoming Posts

Hello!~ ^_^

I'm feeling a bit chatty today so I thought I would make a post about what's being going on in my life and what you should expect to see here on this blog in the upcoming weeks. 

My life.
These past weeks my life has become very hectic. I am working, going to school, blogging, making cosplay costumes, going to concerts, playing video games, watching anime, reading manga, and trying to spend time with the people I love. I'm not complaining, just want to show you that unfortunately The Dark Side of Beauty is not the only thing that requires my attention. I'm particularly swamped at the moment because recently there was a change in the program coordinator where I work and there has been so many changes. It is really hard to change your routine once you have become accustomed to it! It's stressful because there is an anime convention coming up in about a week and I have yet to finish my Mercenary Katarina costume! It gets more crazy when you have two dogs that always want to play xD
I am also getting my second tattoo on September 11! I am getting the White Tree of Gondor and the One Ring inscription on my left shoulder. I am really excited!
My skin.
I've talked a lot about the fact that I have very troublesome skin. My skin has improved a lot in the past two years, but I still have annoying breakouts here and there. Last week I decided that I really needed to do something extra to help out my skin. This resulted in me making an appointment to get my very first facial at a local spa! I went today and had the most amazing experience ever! My skin feels so much better already. I have been converted! Yes, facials can be quite expensive. But I think I would rather stop buying makeup and invest that money on my skin. And it's not only beneficial for the skin, but also for your state of mind. I have been really stressed out these past weeks and going to get a facial was so relaxing~ In fact, when I returned home, I fell asleep for 3 hours! And if you knew me, you would know that I never take naps during the day so it was quite amazing!

My plans for The Dark Side of Beauty.
Lately, I have not been hauling tons of makeup like I did in the past. Because of this, I am trying really hard to catch up on reviews and makeup looks. My goal is to first review and use products that are limited edition and/or that I purchased recently. After that, I would love to "shop my stash" and use products that I have been neglecting. To be more specific, I want to use ALL of my indie eyeshadows and create eye looks with them so that you can all see how these products look like on. Maybe re-swatching some of my older eyeshadows as well because some of my older swatch photos suck terribly :P
I also want to revisit my "Return of the Look" series since I haven't done one of those posts in a while. I am thinking of recreating the four House looks for Harry Potter since Hogwarts' new term begins September 1st (which is coming up!).
Of course, I will be continuing doing makeup looks inspired by geeky stuff. I am going to be doing the Series Challenge, but I would love if more people participated! Themes that I will be doing in the upcoming months include Sailor Moon, League of Legends, The Elder Scrolls, Disney, Final Fantasy, The Witcher, and more!
And don't forget about giveaways! Every month, I will have a giveaway as part of the Series Challenge (but you do have to participate in the challenge to be a part of the giveaway). But I will also have other giveaways as well. I have TONS of giveaways planned ^_~ Some of the stuff that I have to giveaway include the Sephora Disney Ariel and Jasmine mirrors, Sugarpill loose pigment, NYC Halloween LE palettes, more Wet n Wild LE palettes, and just so much more stuff~! Look forward to it!

I am curious, how have you all being doing? Anybody starting school already?
Also, if there any any posts you would like to see, please let me know ^_^


  1. cant wait to see the tattoo!! Sounds epic!

  2. OMG your tattoo sounds like its going to be badass!! PLEASE share a pic!

  3. what a nice update :) I have been pretty stressed at work too. I just got promoted to manager which has been a huge source of stress. I barely have time to do my nails or keep up posts on my 2 blogs. I can't wait to see what else you have planned for your blog, and i can't wait to keep participating in the challenges!


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