Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Dark Side Tips: Storing Indie Eyeshadow Samples

Hello lovelies!

For any of you who love indie makeup brands as much as I do, today's tip might be super useful. I order so many eyeshadows from various indie brands, and I usually end up with lots of eyeshadow sample baggies. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, I'll try to explain. When you order from indie brands, full size eyeshadows usually come in small jars. But if you order a sample, it comes in a small baggie. As you can imagine, using an eyeshadow from a baggie is problematic; it can cause a huge mess! I usually never order samples, but orders sometimes come with samples and sometimes I get sent samples for review. I hate having tons of baggies full of eyeshadows, so I needed a better way to store them. I ended up using the storing boxes that are meant for beads!

This is basically a small acrylic box that has 30 small jars. This is perfect for housing one sample in each jar and having all the jars super organized! And if you finish one sample, you can just re-use the jar.

I just take the sample baggie and pour the contents into one of the jars. Also notice that samples always have a sticker on them with the name of the company and of the eyeshadow. You can just remove the sticker and place it on the top of the jar. 

The result will be something like this:

If you have way too many sample baggies and are looking for a better storage, this is a really convenient an easy way!I bought my storage system from Joann's, but you can also get it from Amazon!


  1. This is a very good idea. I wish indie companies would just do away with the bags altogether though!

    1. True. But the baggies are a cheap way to try some colors. I personally hate baggies so I never tend to get samples!

  2. Really lovely idea for storing ^^

    恵美より ♥

  3. I use the sample pots ;) they're excellent!

  4. i love this idea! now to buy plenty of indie eyeshadow samples!

  5. i love this idea! Thanki so much for the post <3

  6. fanstastic
    new idea for me
    very enteresting


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