Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Review: Victorian Disco Cosmetics Time Lord Collection

You! Yes, you, reading this makeup post! If you have not watched Doctor Who just stop what you are doing and start watching it. It is an amazing show! And if you have watched it, then you should love this review! But before we get to the makeup, I just want to share one of my favorite quotes from the Tenth Doctor:

"Always bring a banana to a party, Rose. Bananas are good."

That's some good advice! Haha, jk. I just love how random that is!

So as it is says in the title, this is a review for the Victorian Disco Cosmetics Time Lord Collection! So keep reading for swatches and a review!


                                                                   Products in Action!                                                              

Using Still Not Ginger, Companion Fever, and Dalek Disco.


This should already get a perfect rating just because it is inspired by Doctor Who. But alas, that it is not how reviews work! As a small collection, this is awesome because it has a good mix of brights and neutrals. You can create something very basic and wearable, or something darker and more extreme. I don't think I have created anything super extreme with these colors (although I really should!), but the blues and darker neutrals are great for making something really dark and galaxy-inspired!

Pigmentation is pretty great for most of the eyeshadows, though I did have some issues with 'Still Not Ginger' and 'Spacey Wacey'. 'Still Not Ginger' swatches beautifully, but it can be difficult to build up an intense color on the lids. 'Spacey Wacey' has a bit of fallout and comes off darker on my lids than when I swatch it. The rest of the eyeshadows are really perfect! My favorites (and the shades I recommend) are Police Box, Dalek Disco, and Dashing Doctor! If you are not a Whovian, then I would suggest checking out my favorites from this collection. But if you are a Whovian, just get ALL the colors!


  1. Awesome review! Gorgeous makeup love it <3

  2. Love this collection! I am most definitely a Whovian so I must have them all! xx

  3. mi piacciono molto questi trucchi!!^_^...

  4. Police Box is so nice.

  5. Torchwood is dreamy :D


    1. It is! It is also a really good show ^-^

  6. Torchwood is dreamy!


  7. How are your swatches always so perfect? Still Not Ginger is such a pretty orange. Love Doctor Who and the 50th Anniversary is coming up!

  8. tardis blue <3



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