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Review: Oslo Cosmetics

 Greetings from the Dark Side!

Oslo Comsetics is a relatively new indie brand, and I received some samples to try out and review. I loooove indie cosmetics because you can find some amazing things that are difficult to find in department/drugstore store makeup. So I was really excited to try a new brand and to expand more into indie cosmetics. From Oslo Cosmetics, I received Carina blush, Obscura Velvet Cream Base, Carinae eyeshadow, and Lyra eyeshadow. Keep reading for swatches and review of these products~!

Carina Blush: insanely bright pink-coral blush which can be sheered out or applied heavily.

Obscura Velvet Cream Base: very soft and creamy black cream eyeshadow.

 Lyra Eyeshadow: burgundy eyeshadow with gold sparkles.
 Carina Eyeshadow: shimmery golden peachy eyeshadow



So far, I've had a positive experience with this brand. This was the first time since Fyrinnae that I've tried pressed eyeshadows and it is a bit weird to be using indie eyeshadows that are not in jars! But I know most people prefer pressed eyeshadows over loose ones. I am indifferent to this personally, but I just wanted to share piece of information. 

As far as packaging goes for the eyeshadows and cream base, I recommend you buy the full sizes ($8) versus the pan form eyeshadow ($6) because the pan eyeshadows will be harder to store unless you add a magnet to the bottom of the pan. The pan form for the Velvet Base also is less hygienic, so definitely get the full size one instead. 

For the actual products, here are my thoughts:

Carina Blush: This is a really cool blush because it is so bright! I was a little scared to try it out, but it is actually more wearable than I thought. The formula allows you to sheer it out or to really pack on the color. This is a loose blush, so just be careful not too put too much product on your brush or to drop the jar! I usually use the product on the inside of the lid instead of dipping my brush into the jar itself. I haven't experiences any clown cheeks or anything like that! Huge thumbs up. I know any blush fiends will really like these super bright blushes.

Obscura Velvet Cream: If you have ever used MAC's paint sticks or cream colored bases, you'd be pretty familiar with this type of product. It is an emollient cream which you can use as a base for eyeshadows. This one is very creamy so it is best to use the tiniest amount. Use a light hand because the first time I dipped my brush into the product I drove my brush too hard and it messed up the surface of the cream. It was much softer than I expected! I do not like how soft it is nor the packaging for the smallest size (it comes in pan form so it doesn't have a lid or cap). However, I do really like the product itself. It is very creamy like the MAC Cream Color Bases, but it does not crease like them. I wore this plenty of times on my eye lids and lower lash line, and it never creased. So, to sum everything up, I do like the Velvet Cream a lot. I would suggest buying the bigger size that seems like it comes in it's own packaging since it will be easier to store and it will be more hygienic.And always use a light hand when using it!

Lyra and Carinae eyeshadows: These are pretty great! Carniae (golden peach) is really pigmented and really lovely. Lyra (burgundy) is also really lovely, although it is not as pigmented. Lyra definitely looks better over the Obscura Velvet Cream Base and you can use both to make a gorgeous smokey eye. What I do really love about Lyra, even though it is not super pigmented, is that the golden shimmers in it look like stars. It is hard to describe, but the shimmerts are quite sparse yet so reflective that they look like shimmering stars in a burgundy sky! Super lovely!
Again, I recommend that you buy the bigger sizes since they have their own individual packaging rather than just being in a pan form. If you prefer having the pan form which you can put into a bigger palette, you will need to add a magnet strip to the back of each pan eyeshadow.

EDIT: According to the owner, the pan eyeshadows are in fact magnetized. I have the older MAC palette and the pans won't stick to mine so I'm trying to figure out why that is.

                                                                    Products in Action                                                               

Using Obscura over other loose eyeshadows:

 Using Carniae eyeshadow and Carina Blush:


I have really enjoyed using the products from this brand and I have been able to create easy and pretty looks with them. The only issue I have is with the packaging, but it isn't that surprising since it indie brands don't usually have the best packaging. I would recommend their products, though. Especially for those of you who are looking for indie eyeshadows that are pressed rather than loose. Let me say this for like the 100th time: I would recommend that you buy the bigger size of the product. It is $2 more and it has more convenient packaging. That is what I would personally do. But it is all up to you!

What do you think of these Oslo products?

Disclosure: Products shown were sent to me for consideration and review.


  1. Carinae absolutely reminds me of Urban Decay "X" - do you have that to compare?

    1. I don't actually, but from swatches I saw it does look pretty similar. It's hard to say, but X looks a tiny bit pinker.

    2. This is definitely a nice alternative though :) Thanks for showing off the pretty swatches!

  2. Wow superb shades love ur makeup :) <3

  3. Awesome! The pans are already magnetized so they should work in any Z Palette or Mac Palette! :)

  4. The blush is absolutely gorgeous.

  5. I love love LOVE Carinae! I'm on a no-spend for a while though, ugh!

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  7. Amazing colors, specially Carina and Carinae, too bad we can't find it in Europe yet :-(


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