Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Review: DreamWorld Hermetica Hocus Pocus Collection

Greetings from the Dark Side!

If you are looking for some more Halloween themed indie makeup, DreamWorld Hermetica's Hocus Pocus is an option to consider! The collection is called Hocus Pocus (I am pretty sure that this is inspired by the movie of the same name. I haven't seen that movie since I was a kid so I can't be 100% certain) and it has a whopping 16 eyeshadows and two blush colors (which are not swatched here). I tend to like more geeky themed indie eyeshadows, so I don't particularly care for the names, but the colors are stunning! Below are the swatches for all 16 eyeshadows~

It is hard to do a very detailed review for these since there are quite a lot of colors, but I will review the collection as a whole. I love Halloween, and these definitely get a thumbs up for being Halloween themed. The formula of the eyeshadows is fantastic and most of them are super smooth and pigmented. There are a few standout shades that I really like. Those are 'Black Flamed Candle', 'Evil Witch', and 'Cursed Boy'. Those three are my personal favorites because I think they are particularly amazing and slightly more unique than the rest of the shades.

Although I do really like these, they are not without some fault. I did experience fallout with some of the shades, more so than I usually do with loose eyeshadows. Just keep that in mind if you are using these. *A small tip to prevent fallout is to use a sticky base like Fyrinnae's Pixie Epoxy under the eyeshadow. It will make the loose eyeshadow stick better to your lid and it prevents most of the fallout! Besides the fallout, they applied great and they stayed put on my eye lids all day.

Pricing is $2.75 for a mini jar and $5.49 for a full size. The pricing isn't too bad; it could be worse. I prefer mini sizes since they are cheaper and you can try out more colors without spending too much money. So if you do decide to purchase something I would recommend the minis :D

Disclosure: Products mentioned in this post were sent for consideration and review. All opinions stated are my own.


  1. Amazing colors and pigmentation!

  2. Wow superb range of colors i love it nyc swatches <3

  3. Wow superb range of colors i love it nyc swatches <3

  4. The colors are awesome, but the pigmentation is incredible!

  5. So fall-ish! Love Hocus Pocus, Siren Witch and Black Flamed Candle!!! :D

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  6. OMG!! This collection is A M A Z I N G!!! Super pigmented :D

  7. Oh wow, those colours are gorgeous.

  8. Oh wow, those colours are gorgeous.


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