Thursday, October 17, 2013

Swatches: Shiro Cosmetics Halloween 2013

Greetings my lovely readers!

Here are the new Shiro Cosmetics products from the Halloween line, as shown in my last haul. I already have a review of the previous Halloween products and you can check those out HERE. The new products included are 'Zero' and 'Two Faced' eyeshadows and 'Something in the Wind' lip gloss. 

I haven't really used these a lot, so I can't even give you a first impression on the eyeshadows. The lip gloss is really nice, but a bit sheerer that I hoped. The smell of it is amazing though! It smells like lemongrass ♥ Anyway, I'll at least show you some swatches :D

Zero: is pretty accurate in the swatch if you also notice how it looks like a darker grey at the bottom. This is because this color is like that of a sea shell: it's pink and it has a silver duochrome.

Two Face: is exactly how it looks in person. It is a dark grey with a purple duochrome and lots of sparkles!

Something in the Wind: Is a vampy wine color. It is darker than what it looks like in these photos.

Here is a totally shitty shot of me wearing 'Something in the Wind'. Sorry I look like crap! I am still getting over being sick.

I'll have a proper review of these items once I actually use them for a while xD In the mean time, you can have pretty swatches :)


  1. Two Face looks so pretty! And you still look pretty awesome for somebody who's not well, lol. Get better soon, Nancy! :)

  2. The lipgloss swatch on your arm looks like blood! :O But it turns out pretty, eh? :D

  3. Love zero and something in the wind , this are the shades i was expecting to see. nah the picture doesnt look shitty looks good

  4. You don't look like crap, silly! Too Face is super purty :)

  5. Lovely lipgloss! :)

  6. Love this! And hope you are feeling better =)

  7. you look gorgious with this lipstic on !!!!

  8. Great products =)
    I love Zero :D

    1. Zero is so much prettier in person! :D

  9. They're just gorgeous! I want both of those eyeshadows. :p

  10. in Italy where I live there are no tricks designed only for the holidays
    these are great sin


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