Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Disney Villains Series: Dr. Facilier (The Princess and the Frog)

Greetings from the Dark Side~

"You can blame my friends on the other side"

I love the movie The Princess and the Frog, and I love Dr. Ficilier's song "Friend on the Other Side" even more. So I decided to do an inspired full face look based on his appearance during that song. Not only is he the movie's villain, but his look is very fitting for Halloween, which is only a few days away! This was my first time working with Aquacolors or with white face cream so I was super excited to do this look. I hope you all like it!

                                                                      Products Used                                                                    
-Kryolan Aquacolors Palette
-Mehron White Face Cream
-Sugarpill 'Poison Plum' eyeshadow
-Inglot #65 Gel Lipstick


1. Apply a white face makeup leaving the eye area blank. I used Mehron's white face cream.

2. I started with the eye area and I outlined my eyebrows with purple and filled the area in with pink. I used the Kryolan Aquacolors.

3. I outlined the eye sockets with orange and filled in the area with yellow. I again used Kryolan Aquacolors.

4. With a blue aquacolor, I applied lines of different sizes around the eye area.
5. I applied purple lipstick and drew in some lines with a purple aquacolor. 

                                                                            Final Look                                                                   

Happy Halloween!


  1. This is so awesome!!! Love the white base, it looks flawless! xx

  2. Very cool take on a sugar skull :D

  3. This is super cool, and the aquacolors look like a great product

  4. sooo cool! really enjoying your Disney Villains series ^_^
    Random Beauty by Hollie

  5. this is awesome! you did a great job covering your eyebrows, I have tried but nothing seems to work on the bushes on my face :-P

  6. I love Mehron products! You did a great job on this-maybe next time get a lil crazy and seal those brows!
    The real question is-where did you go with tis fabulous makeup?


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