Tuesday, January 7, 2014

2013 Favorites: Foundations

Greetings from the Dark Side!
I promise I'm almost done with my 2013 favorites! There are just so many products to talk about! 

Today, I want to discuss my favorite face products: primers, foundations, and concealers. Base makeup is really important to me because I have shitty skin, and the products I picked for this post are products that I have enjoyed using to cover my imperfections. Keep reading for more information~!

1. Kat Von D Priming Elixir
I don't care much for face primers because I have never been able to find a good primer for my dry-combo, acne-prone skin. They usually break me out, cling to dry skin, or just do nothing at all. This Kat Van D primer has been a really huge change for me because it is like no other primer I have ever tried. It has the consistency of a serum rather than a primer. It is also very hydrating, but not oily. It leaves the skin looking healthy, like you just drank glasses and glasses of water. It is not the perfect primer (I don't think it does much for preventing oiliness), but it is the best primer for my skin that I have used to date.

2. MAC Pro LongWear Concealer NC120
I have been using this for quite a while now and it was the only face concealer I used in 2013. It is not an HG concealer, but I do really like it. I love that it is not cakey at all and you can really build up the coverage. It also does in fact last all day! My problem with this concealer is that it is not as high coverage as I wish it was; it does not fully cover my acne scars. But it is quite natural-looking so I do like it and I will use it.

3. Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Dark Circle Eraser 'Neutralizer' 
Ahhh, now let's talk about this under eye concealer. I never imagined myself saying this about an under eye concealer, but here I go: this concealer is my favorite discovery of 2013!! I don't say that lightly either. I don't have bad dark circles, just a bit of darkness from staying up late and what not. But this concealer (along with the Real Techniques Deluxe Crease brush) makes the biggest difference with eye looks. After I have create my eye look, I take my brush and apply the concealer just below the lower lash line and on the areas I have darkness. This cleans up the lower lash line so amazingly. It creates a nice blended line on the lower lash line and it makes eye makeup pop even more. OMG I can't tell you how much better a dramatic smokey eye looks once you have applied this on the under eye!

4.Artistry Powder Foundation
I don't like powders. I just don't. I have dry skin and acne, worst combination EVER. Add powder to that and you have a DISASTER. Powders tend to look really cakey on me and they cling to dry pacthes. But this powder from Artistry does not. It is super smooth and velvety and it glides over my skin. Technically it is a powder foundation, but I use it as a setting powder. Love it!

5. Kat Von D Lock It Foundation #46
As someone with acne scars, I tend to like high coverage foundations. Kat Von D's Lock It foundation is an amazing high coverage foundation that will cover just about anything. It is not too matte or too dewy, really the perfect finish. It is not dry and it is not oily. It stays on all freaking day and it can withstand an entire day in the scorching heat. Trust me, I wore this to Warped Tour last June in California (it was above 100 degrees F.). I moshed, I jumped, I rocked out, and the foundation looked pretty darn good at the end. The only downside of this foundation is the color selection. This shade is not a perfect match for me and I know many other people have trouble finding the right color.

6. YSL Teint Resist #03
Since we are on the topic of Warped Tour and concerts, this is the foundation I like to wear for indoor concerts. Indoor concerts can get very hot and humid (because there are so many in close proximity) and I like that this foundation does not get oily. I also use this for those times when I am too lazy to wear a full coverage foundation or when I want something more natural looking. It sucks that this was discontinued :( This really is a wonderful foundation. It is a semi-matte medium coverage foundation. It does not accentuate my dry skin and it keep any oilyness away. It is my favorite everyday foundation (for school/work/casual outings). I really wish YSL would bring this back!

7. Lioele Super Gold Snail BB Cream
Last but not least, a BB cream! You can't forget about the BB creams ;) I've tried my share of BB and CC creams from Asian and western companies. A lot of them are crap; they are just tinted moisturizers marketed as BB/CC creams. But, there are some really great products that live up to the BB/CC cream hype. For me, the Lioele Super Gold Snail BB cream is one of them. This stuff is very creamy, hydrating, and glowing. It actually has a really amazing medium-high coverage which is really rare for BB creams. It has snail slime which sounds totally gross but I think that the healing properties of the snail goo (xD) actually works. Whenever I use this, I notice that any blemishes I had look less inflamed and a bit more calmed down. It is not a major change but I definitely notice it. If you have follower any FOTDs/makeup looks, you probably notice that I have used this BB cream 50% of the time. I love it that much!


  1. You are making me want to try that Maybelline product.

    RIKKI //

  2. the fact that snail and gold are in the same title has made me instantly curious! I've been wanting to buy an Asian BB cream for ages and this looks like a great place to start!

  3. Maybelline Instant Age Rewind <3 Never thought I would love this concealer so much, but it just wears so well! A definite highlight for me too for 2013!

  4. Lovely ^^

    恵美より ♥

  5. Kat von D is definitely in my wish list!! great post!


  6. I totally bought the Kat Von D foundation after I read your review :)

    1. I hope it works out for you as well! :D

  7. Been wanting to try out that Lioele Super Gold Snail BB Cream! Heard lots of great reviews. :)


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