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2013 Favorites: Indie Beauty Products

Greetings from the Dark Side!

2013 was a year of many new makeup purchases, and a year in which I discovered new favorites. I love indie makeup so very much and I wanted to dedicate an entire post to my favorite indie products of this year. I tried to pick the least amount of products as I could, so don't think that these were the only indie products I loved during 2013. These are not only my favorites, but also the products I used the most during the year. Enjoy :)

1. Shiro Cosmetics 'Something in the Wind' Lip Gloss
This gloss was a part of the 2013 Halloween collection and I have been obessed with it since I got it. It is a lovely plum red gloss that has a fresh lemongrass scent. I wish it was a tiny bit more pigmented but overall I so happy to see a yummy scented vampy lip gloss from an indie brand! It is no secret that I love Shiro Cosmetics, so it is no surprise I love this gloss. 
You can see what it looks like on my lips HERE and how it looks swatched on my hand HERE.

2. Pumpkin & Poppy 'Evenstar' Lip Butter
For a long time I was on the search for the perfect lip color to go with a smokey eye. With this lip butter from Pumpkin & Poppy, my search is over. I have used this lip butter so much this past year, and it has earned a permanent spot in my makeup bag. I love the nude-bronze shade and the nice vanilla scent. What's even better is that is was inspired by The Lord of the Rings! You can see what it looks like on my lips HERE and HERE.

3. Oslo Cosmetics 'Carina' Blush
I had the pleasure of trying out a new indie brand this year and I absolutely fell in love with one their blushes. 'Carina' is a super bright coral shade, but it sheers out to the loveliest pinky coral. It is my go-to blush when I want to look very fresh-faced and awake. You can see a review HERE and what it looks like on my cheeks HERE.

4. Victorian Disco Cosmetics 'Ocelots' Blush
VDC is one of my favorite indie brands ever and I was very excited to finally have a blush from them. The shade 'Ocelots' was part of their Minecraft and Valentine's Day collection. It is also a bright coral shade, but it is much more wearable than 'Carina' from Oslo Cosmetics. This is something I would wear for a softer coral cheek.  You can see how it looks on my cheeks HERE.

5. Pumpkin & Poppy 'Lady of Light' Highlighter
P&P is so far my favorite indie brand for face products. The first face product I tried from them is this highlighter and I am so head over heels in love with it! It is my HG face highlighter and I can't even begin to imagine what I did before this product was in my life. It is the most beautiful champagne colored highglighter EVAR. This is a cream product but it dries to a powder finish so it is perfect for any skin type. And again, it was inspired by The Lord of the Rings. Ah, this is product is love! You can see a review HERE.

6. Pumpkin & Poppy 'Incognito' Cream Blush
This is another blush I have used a lot this year. It is a reddish orange cream blush (apparently I am loving the orangec-coral blushes this year!). It is semi-sheer and it looks really natural on my skin. Love, love, love how it looks and feels on my skin! You can see a review HERE.

7. Eyeshadows
I already talked about my current favorite indie eyeshadows in THIS post. 

1. Glitter Daze 'My White Lighter' 
This is a polish inspired by the show Charmed, which I watched when I was in my early teens. It is such a beautiful icy blue that glows in the dark. Do I need to say more? It is one of my most worn polishes this year! You can see a review HERE.

2. Lucky 13 'Fool of a Took!'
I was so happy to be trying out a new brand of polishes this year, especially one that had The Lord of the Rings inspired collections (are you seeing a theme here?)! This one is one of my favorites because the color is so cool, it is a spring green with purple glitter. But the name! The name! It kills me! I just love that the Pippin inspired shade is named after the quote from Gandalf.

3. Victorian Disco Cosmetics 'Zombie Flesh'
Do you see that tiny, tiny bottle of polish? That might my most worn polish of the year! This was my first polish from VDC and I totally regret getting a mini sized bottle! It is a very pigmented green holographic polish, it dries quickly, and it looks amazing on the nails~ You can see a review of this polish HERE

4. Indie Polish 'Tinkerbell'
Who doesn't love a sparkly, colorful glitter polish? I love this particular one because the glitter is so dimensional and iridescent! It looks beautiful over any other base color. You can see a review HERE.

5. Lac Attack 'Felix Felicis'
Here is another glitter polish I have been loving this year. This is from the Magical Musings collection inspired by Harry Potter. As a huge HP fan, I find this polish particularly lovely :D 
The gold glitter is so classy and festive; I used this a lot during the holidays!

6. Digital Nails 'Bad Wolf'
This one is also a glitter top coat, but it is very different to most glitter polishes. It has very fine glitter and also very different types of glitter. You gets lots of different colors and shapes of glitter in one bottle. Also it is inspired by Rose Tyler from Doctor Who. Haha, apparently most of my favorites are products inspired by fandoms!

7. Pahlish 'Anticipating and Pacing'
This is a polish I wore quite a few times this year, but I chose it because it is really unique. It is a coral base with blue glitter and red shimmer. It is like nothing else I own. It is absolutely stunning on the nails and I have to say I am really impressed with the complexity and the formula of this polish!

For any of you fellow indie lovers, what were your indie beauty favorites?

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  1. nice post. i wish you happy NEW year !!!

  2. I love the Charmed polish - Leooooooooo <3 Pumpkin&Poppy has really nice packaging and the lip butter looks really great with a smoky eye. I've been looking for the perfect nude :D

  3. the fact that the highlighter is called ''lady of the light'' has me sold on it! great post!

  4. very interesting picks, since I haven't seen any of these brands yet. ^_^
    Happy New year! ^_^


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