Wednesday, January 29, 2014

First Impression: Wet n Wild ColorIcon 5 Pan Palettes

Greetings dark siders!

Finally, after having these goodies stashed away for some time now, I have swatches of the new Wet n Wild 5 pan palettes! I managed to get all five new palettes for $10 at Rite Aid! What a steal! I know a lot of people have been curious about these so here are my two cents on these new 2014 Wet n Wild eyeshadows.

Art in the Streets
I am always excited to see bright eyeshadows from drugstore brands and this new palette consists of all brights! Surprisingly, they aren't that bad. The orange, the green, and the blue are actually quite pigmented and smooth. The yellow and the purple aren't terrible, but they are a bit sheer and a little chalky, especially the purple. I really love the orange in this palette and that alone makes it worth the money (I love orange eyeshadows!).

Tunnel Vision
Out of all five palettes, this one is probably the most pigmented and easy to work with. The colors here are quite standard for a nice black/grey smokey eye, and you cannot go wrong with a smokey eye! The white is matte and buttery smooth, and I love to find new matte whites (I am hoping to find a dupe for Sugarpill's 'Tako' eyeshadow). It kind of sucks that this one has the best pigmentation and texture because I have like a zillion black and grey eyeshadows. But, if you don't have a lot of blacks and greys and you want an affordable palette, this one is your best bet!

Floral Values
I was really excited for this palette because I have been really into pink eyeshadows lately. Unfortunately, this was the worst of all five palettes. Three out of the five eyeshadows are sheer and really chalky. The only nice colors are the matte white-pink and the shimmery lilac. Those two shades are nice, but I don't know if this is worth purchasing for just two colors. I recommend the Wet n Wild Fergie palette in 'Rose Parade' over this (if you can still find it).

I'm His Breezy
This palette just reminds me of the 8 pan palette in 'Blue My Mind'.  This one was alright in texture and pigmentation; it is much better than Floral Values, but not as good as Tunnel Vision. Honestly though, I would recommend the Wet n Wild 8 pan palette in 'Blue My Mind' over this one because you get three more eyeshadows  which are more pigmented than the colors in this 5 pan palette.

The Naked Truth
Like Tunnel Vision, this is really nice basic palette to have. It is the second best of the five palettes. It has a nice variation of browns (better variation of shades than Tunnel Vision, IMO) which you can use to create day or night looks. The pigmentation was not horrible, but you will have to use a primer to get the best possible pigmentation. If you already have tons and tons of brown eyeshadows, you probably won't need this. I feel like this is, again, a very basic, inexpensive alternative to something like the Naked palettes. Or it can also make a good travel friendly palette if you don't want to risk losing your expensive Naked palette.

You should all know by know that I love Wet n Wild. I have a tendency to buy all their eyeshadow palettes because 1) I am a beauty blogger; 2) I am a makeup hoarder; and 3) I collect Wet n Wild eyeshadow palettes. I have indeed tried most of the Wet n Wild palettes and I was very happy to try out these new ones. But to be honest, I am a little disappointed. These are not horrible palettes and I don't want to discourage anyone from trying them out for themselves, but they are just not as good as the Wet n Wild 8 pan palettes. When I heard that these were being released, I though "Yay, more new permanent eyeshadows that are buttery and pigmented! Woohoo!" But they are not what I expected; they are not as buttery and pigmented as the 8 pan eyeshadows. In fact all 5 of the palettes have at least one disappointing eyeshadow.

I don't want to complain too much either. These are 25 eyeshadows and I only paid $10 for all of them. That is a seriously amazing deal. So I will use these and post looks and in depth reviews of each palette. I still want to give them a chance to see if maybe my first impression is wrong. I will keep you all posted :)



  1. wow, I want Art in the Streets <3 this palette look gorgeous

  2. Nice palettes. I love wet n wild palettes. Specially Art in the streets is perfect for spring :)

  3. The palettes are so cute!
    The rainbow *puke rainbow*

  4. Your swatches look really nice. I've seen other posts about these palettes and they didn't have good swatches or good reviews.


  5. Beautiful colours!! My favorite is Art in the Streets!! I found them quite pigmented, but comparing to the palette you said can turn out not as it! I hate when that happen, not as pigmented as you expected, but that can be very handy some times!!

  6. I don't think we can get wet an wild in the UK :((( but my god that orange *_*
    also, if you want a dupe for sugarpills tako, I've founf yaby's white eyeshadow to be perfect, if not even more pigmented, than tako!! Only con is that the pans are super small, but it's lasted me a good while despite that and i'm thinking of picking up another one soon >_<

  7. they look like they could make a lot of nice looks (especially that gorgeous orange shade!) I still haven't tried out too many of their original palettes, so I think I'll pick them up before I try out these new ones!

  8. Love those palettes :) I'd like to try some products of the brand!

  9. Lovely palettes, but I think the colors are similar to other Wet & Wild palettes, maybe I'm mistaken,
    ciao! ;)

  10. I was so excited when I heard these were coming out, but after seeing the shades and reading the reviews, I think that I can near-dupe them all with better quality shadows in my stash. I will have to admit that orange looks gorgeous in your swatch though! Thanks for the great review and swatches, Nancy.

  11. Thanks for the great review and swatches! The palettes look perfect!

  12. I always wanted to try these shadows!
    Unfortunately, in our country they are not sold: (

  13. i think i need all of these, the colors are gorgeous!

  14. The palettes look really good. I would like to try them, but I don't think I can find them in Romania.

  15. What a shame. The colours themselves look awesome, though.

  16. I love the WNW 8 pan shadows, so I'm a little disappointed about the quality of these!


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