Thursday, January 16, 2014

Return of the Look: Hufflepuff (Harry Potter)

"You might belong in Hufflepuff,
Where they are just and loyal,
Those patient Hufflepuffs are true,
And unafraid of toil
—The Sorting Hat
So you want to be a student at the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry? 
Very well let's see what House we can put you in then! 
Let's see, are you brave? No? Okay, well let's keep going then. 
Are you extremely intelligent? No, okay let's cross that one of the list. 
Are you perhaps very evil cunning? Not that one either, huh?
Ummm...well since you have no special traits you can be part of Hufflepuff, the House for the rejects loyal! Yep, I am sure you will be super happy there!

Just kidding anyone who is part of Hufflepuff (don't kill me)! Hehe, we always have to make fun of Hufflepuff just a little ;) I thought I would try to redeem this House by making a fierce black and yellow look. Hufflepuff seems so understated, but hey, we can show some Hufflepuff spirit and look damn good doing it! I hope you enjoy this look~

                                                                       Products Used                                                         
-Wet n Wild Take on the Day Primer
-MAC Fluidline 'Blacktrack'
-NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil 'Milk'
-Sugarpill 'Buttercupcake' and 'Tako' eyeshadow
-Lime Crime ChinaDoll Palette (Lotus Noir and Goldfish eyeshadows)
-Wet n Wild Glitter Single 'Bleached' (as a glitter adhesive)
-MAC Glitter 'Lustdust'
-Prestige Total Intensity black pencil eyeliner 
-L'oreal Lash Out Butterfly mascara
-L'oreal Lineur Intense liquid liner
-Ardell Lashes
Face & Lips
-Wet n Wild Coverall Foundation
-MAC 'Sculpt' Sculpting Powder 
-Estee Lauder 'Modern Mercury' highlighter
-NYX Butter Gloss 'Cherry Cheese Cake'
-Lime Crime Lipstick 'Poisonberry'


1. With a black eyeliner or gel eyeliner, draw out the shape you want (MAC 'Blacktrack').


2. With the same black eyeliner/eyeshadow, start to define the shape.

3. Once you have the desired shape (it does not have to be perfect yet), fill in the inside with a white base (NYX 'Milk')

4. With a small brush, apply a yellow eyeshadow over the white base (Sugarpill 'Buttercupcake').


5.  With the same brush, apply a shimmery yellow to add some dimension to the look (Lime Crime 'Goldfish').

6. Start to perfect the black eyeliner (MAC 'Blacktrack).

7. Make this even more dramatic by applying glitter. First apply a sticky base (Wet n Wild Single Glitter 'Bleached' and then pat on the glitter onto the lid (MAC 'Lustdust').

8. Go back and make sure you didn't get too much glitter on the black eyeliner.

9. Apply a black eyeliner on the waterline (Prestige Total Intensity eyeliner) and set it with a black eyeshadow (Lime Crime 'Lotus Noir').

10. Apply mascara and false lashes.

11. Lastly, go back and clean up any smudging. Clean up the black eyeliner and finish up by applying a white or skin-color eyeshadow on the brow bone.

                                                                           Final Look                                                          

With NYX Butter Gloss in 'Cherry Cheese Cake':

With Lime Crime 'Poisonberry':

Remember that this is my second attempt at a Hufflepuff inspired look! Don't forget to check out my previous Hufflepuff post from back in 2011. You can really see my improvement with makeup applications and with photography :)


  1. wow you are super talented! i just loving ur this look Thanks for sharing tutorial :) <3

  2. MAC Lustdust is gorgeous. Love the perfect wing :)

    1. It really is!
      Thank you! Wings are really hard >_<

  3. Wonderful makeup Nancy, very creative <3

  4. wowzah this is a-mazing! I honestly just love everything about this look!

  5. The yellow and gold is really pretty!


  6. that's beautiful, I can totally see the brown color as the design of the badger's head!!

  7. I'm not all that big a fan of the harry potter francise but I love this make up look! Such a cool take on a mod eye

    Samantha xo

  8. Pretty pretty! I love the photos that bring out the sparkle :)

  9. Very unusual ,you are very talented :)

  10. So beautiful !
    i love hte makeup!
    Have a fab sunday!

  11. This is gorgeous,I love it especially the shape.

  12. Great job with the black outline, it's so precise and clean! I love how bold this look is!

  13. this is insanely cool. I freaking love the addition of that MAC glitter. Super cool idea, girl!

  14. Wow, you're so brilliant! I never been smart making those black outline! >.<

  15. Wow, what an amazing glittery gold look!


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