Monday, January 27, 2014

Roundup and Giveaway Winner: January Series Challenge

Greetings from the Dark Side!
I want to give huge thank you to all my readers for all the feedback and a huge thank you to all of those who participated in the January challenge! I am so glad many of you participated this month! I had a lot of fun of with this Harry Potter theme :D

                                                                      Week 1: Slytherin                                                              

Jacquie's Look

                                                                      Week 2: Hufflepuff                                                            

                                                                       Week 3: Bellatrix                                                              

Jacquie's Bellatrix Look

                                                                  Giveaway Winner                                                                  

It was really tough to choose a winner this month because a few of you participated in 2 or more of the looks. Based on participating, Facebook likes, my personal opinion and the opinion of my friend, I choose a winner! Congrats Katie! Your Slytherin look blew me! You win a $20-30 gift certificate of the store of your choice!

There will be another series challenge next month, so if you didn't win do not worry. There are so many more chances to win in the upcoming months~

That's it for the January Series Challenge! What theme do you want to see for February?


  1. congrats for all of us that participated!! Awesome makeups :)

  2. congrats to the winner, that look is gorgeous!!

  3. A bunch of really great looks from everyone. I too, am always in awe of Katie's fabulous eye looks.

  4. Great looks all around. I too, am always in awe of Katie's stunning eye looks.

  5. Oh wow, thank you! Everyone else had some amazing looks :)

  6. What amazing looks! I love being challenged with themed looks, how do I get involved?

    1. Thank you~!
      Check out this post:

      Current series challenge:


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