Tuesday, March 1, 2011

February Makeup Favorites 2011

I hope everyone had a marvelous February. I personally did not. There is only two more weeks left for this quarter, and I am swamped with term papers left and right, essays, homework, study sessions, discussions and preparations for my final examinations. Whew. Its tough. But of course I had one tiny sliver of light within all the madness of school work . I had makeup and other stuff to brighten up this month, which I will now share with you all.

MAKEUP: There a couple of products that have remained consistent for a couple of months, but this is my first favorites post so I will go through all the items I used excessively this month.

Foundation: I have to say that my favorite this month is definitely Lioele's Triple the solution BB cream. I had two posts on this so please check those out for more information. Overall, this has really worked for me lately. Great coverage. Long Lasting. Period.

Concealer: My favorite concealer for a while now has been the Kat Von D tattoo concealer. I have had this for about one year, and there is still tooons of product left. Its creamy, has great coverage, and blends easily. Great bang for your buck.

Powder: Honestly, I don't really wear powder. It makes my skin look really patchy. If I use any, I use the MAC Prep and Prime Translucent powder only on my nose. I have combination skin and get slightly oily on my nose, so I only powder my nose.

Blush: This one is difficult...I have a lot of blushes that I love. But, I guess I will have to go with MAC Coygirl. This is a really nice purple-pink blush. And the best part is that is it permanent. Besides Coygirl, I have been using MAC Oh So Fair beauty powder from the MAC Venomous Villains Collection. It is a light peachy pink color. It really brightens up my complexion, so I like using it when I want a more natural look.

Eyeshadow: L'oreal H.I.P pigment in 102 EXCITING~ I freaking love this <3333 I have been using this for the last week straight. It is a white-pink pigment with a beautiful pink duo-chrome. I know there is similar colors, but I particularly love this one. I also like using it as a highlight on my cheek bones and on my cupid's bow.

Eye Liner: L'oreal Lineaur Intense liquid eyeliner. I have used up three tubes, and I am on my fourth. What else can I say? <3

Mascara:  Covergirl's Lash Blast Fusion. Works well on my lashes. And oddly enough, the purple tube makes me like it even more. I'm a sucker for anything purple. =3

Lipstick: Illamasqua Lipstick in Underworld. It's a pink-purple with and amazing blue duo chrome. Goodness!
Expensive, but well worth it for me.

Lipgloss: MAC KissableLipcolor in Flaunt it. Its a medium toned mauve color. A little on the dark side for my skin color [Hehe, unintentional pun]. I still really like it though, it gives me a darker, slightly gothic look. Limited Edition :( Oh and the Revlon lipgloss in Lilac Pastel as well.

Brushes and Applicators: I have been using the BeautyBlender for my foundation [Love this stupid little sponge. Why does it work so much better than a normal sponge???Whyyyyyy? Damn you evil overpriced, evilly pink, and amazing sponge!! ]. The Tokidoki blush brush for blush. MAC 109 for highlighter or contouring.

Hmm, I thinks that is that is all for makeup.Yup! I hope you enjoyed this. ^_^
So, what are your Feb Favs?

~Yami <3


  1. I can never chose a favourite blush, becuase I have so many and my favourite changes all the time!

    I've heard great things about the beauty blender- does it soak up much product? I think the normal sponges do, and theres a lot of wastage..

    Thanks for sharing your faves, good luck with your papers!

  2. Yeah, i think BYS is only available in Australia. Its very inexpensive! Maybe similar or abit more than e.l.f in price?


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